Wednesday, March 26, 2008

the fashion battle

I bit the bullet and took Lizzie to Walmart today and bought her some dresses. I literally had to hold her down and stuff her into her pants to get her out of the house this am and I don't want to mess with it.

We got two wrap style (although it is all sewed together so no coming undone) dress in pink and green and two collared one with "ruffles for dancing" in pink and purple. They were $5 a piece and I picked up some clearance "tall socks" and capri tights to hold her over until it gets a little warmer.

Also, Missy mentioned that her daughter will only wear leggings that look good under her skirt. They actually had outfits out there that were dresses with leggings to match. Lizzie tried on a couple but I didn't like how they fit. The leggings were either too big in the waist or too short and the dresses were WAY too short to wear without. The dresses she got are nice and long. They come down nearly to her ankles and have a t-shirt top. That way she can wear them all summer and then next winter too with heavy tights. Can't ask for much more for $20 :)


Misc said...

I hardly ever buy the legging/dress combos because they just do not fit Flynn well at all (that and I think they're too matchy-matchy). Rather, I buy some leggings that will coordinate with whatever dresses/skirts she has (solids and prints).

TJ Maxx had some leggings there that were capri length, so would probably be full-length on my girl. She's short like her mum. :-) Gordman's had some inexpensive ones too.

And Osh Kosh and the Healthtex outlet in Tuscola had some as well.

Flynn will not wear jeans and today flat out refused to wear even the leggings with a skirt. So I let her be a little cold with her bare legs. She was happy as a clam. But I drew the line when she wanted to wear her new hot-pink flip-flops ($7 at Wal-Mart).

Jennifer said...

How fun to do some spring shopping. I will say the sales are sure going on right now. I was at Kohl looking for dresses and they were $8! For beautiful Easter dresses! I should have bought several.

I LOVE leggings. I think they are great for all ages. My 11 year old still wears they all the time. I am like the other poster - I like to get her a few basic colors - like grey, black, red and have her mix and match.
They are also great for tall gals. My daughter is so tall that most dresses fall too short - well pop on a pair of leggings and it is the IN look!