Sunday, February 24, 2008

Birthday weekend recaplet, haircuts and friends

First, I need a haircut. I've been teasing Lizzie and calling her "shaggy dog" because her bangs are starting to get long and in her eyes again. I shouldn't talk because if I didn't part it the way I do, it would totally be in my eyes. It is too short to do anything with but too long just to let be. If I get it cut, it loses all the blond but I might get highlights or something like that. It will probably be awhile before I do anything with it though. If it could get longer, I could get it cut to this length and it would be tolerable.

We spent the weekend in Indy for my b-day. We were supposed to go over Friday and stay Saturday and Sunday. Because of the storm, we decided to drive over Thursday night so we would already be there if the weather turned yucky. Friday, we went to the Children's Museum, which was fun. Saturday (my b-day), we went to a "rainforest garden", then to Chuck E Cheese (they didn't give me a balloon or a crown, even though I told them it was my birthday :( ), then to a crappy hotel. We promptly checked out of it and went back to the original hotel where we had started out the weekend. Then to Outback for dinner (I wanted to try somewhere we had never been but my mom wanted to stick with something we knew would be good). Then back to the hotel to play in the pool. This morning, we got up and had breakfast and then played in the pool for awhile. Then we headed home. More in depth later, when I'm not trying to get involved in a new show (Dexter, edited for CBS)

And about my friends, April is the only person that wished me happy birthday besides my mom and my kids (prompted by my mom but C told me "Happy birthday" about every 20 minutes after he was reminded and Lizzie sang me happy birthday several time LOL). MJ got me a card and a gift certificate (which she totally shouldn't have done but i really appreciate it all the same) but gave it to me aahead of time since I was going to be out of town. I also got a couple of emails from people, so I was pretty happy about that :)

A final note, I'm so glad that Funfest is nearly over with. I will NEVER AGAIN, NO MATTER WHAT, chair a PTA committee (or probably any other committee for that matter). I will volunteer and do what I'm told within the committee, but never again will I be in charge!!