Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Strange dreams

The other night, I dreamed a vortex opened up in the dining room and sucked C into his Lego Star Wars Game. There he was, a little Lego Christopher, running aorund in the game. He was kind of cute :)

Thne last night, I dreamed that we stopped at the gas station for something. Outside, there was a car parked with the windows rolled down (it was freezing cold) and a woman was asleep at the wheel while a baby whimpered and cried in the backseat. I stopped at the car and woke the woman up and I noticed the baby was practically staving. It was sucking it's hands and was super skinny. I asked the woman if she needed some help and she told me no, she just needed to make a bottle. She sort of half heartedly rooted around and came up with nothing. I offered to make the bottle for her and went into the gas station to buy the formula, when I came back, she was asleep again and the baby had stopped crying, and was just staring into space, like it had given up. I woke the woman again and told her that I was going to take the baby inside while I fed it so it could get warm. She just grunted and waved at me. After the baby was fed, I went back to the car and told the woman that I wanted to help her and the baby. That I would babysit the baby until she was able to get it together and take care of her. She argued with me for a minute, then decided that my taking her for awhile was fine. I took her car seat and diaper bag and the woman said she would drop some otehr stuff off later (like clothes because the baby had none and was only wearing a dirty sleeper). I took the baby home and found some of Lizzie's old stuff for her (the fact that I still have baby stuff for my almost 3 year old is sad reality) and put her to bed. The next morning, the woman showed up with stuff for the baby and a little boy who was about 3, also toting a suitcase. The woman told me that her life had improved over night since I took the baby (who was probably 6 months old and hadn't been named) and she couldn't imagine how much better it could get once she got rid of the boy too. So she dumped their stuff and took off before I could call the cops. I called the different agencies and was told they were all too busy to take the kids, so if I wanted them, I could just have them. I decided that was in their best interest and did exactly that.

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