Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bits and pieces

Thanks to Quigs and Looseyfur I have slightly expanded my eating habits. At the garden, I called dibs on the tomatoes and Loosey told me I could have them if she could have the green beans. Since I don't like green beans I was ok with that. Then while we were sitting there, Loosey took one of the beans and ate it. I was fascinated. She didn't cook it, she didn't even wash it. That was madness! Because I was so intrigued, I had to try one and miracle of miracles, I really liked it. This is actually not that big of a surprise because I eat lots of raw veggies that I wouldn't touch cooked (broccoli and spinach come to mind). Because our garden is tiny and couldn't support what is shaping up to be a habit, I decided to pick some fresh green beans from the farmers market. I had planned to just eat them plain but decided to cut them up in my salad tonight and they were tasty.

For many years, I have had glasses that I'm supposed to wear while on the computer. They are bifocal because I don't have sight issues aside from reading on the computer. At my office job, I wore them because I was on the computer all day every day. I found that they were kind of a pain because I spent a lot of time looking at that middle distance and looking through the bifocals made my head hurt worse than not wearing them. For the last three weeks, I've had a headache every single day. I thought for awhile that it was caffiene withdrawl but drinking more tea didn't seem to be helping. Yesterday, I remembered the glasses and thought "what the heck, the worst that could happen is my headache doesn't go away" I put them on and less than an hour later, my headache was gone. Everytime I've been on the computer for the last 2 days, I've worn them and my head hasn't hurt at all. Obviously, I need them again so I will do my best to wear them. I do find looking at the kids a bit difficult because they are right in the bifocal but too far away so they are fuzzy.

Have you seen the walmart commercial for back to school? The one that says "I can't go to school with her, but I can give her what she needs to feel good about herself". And the girl is trying to sit with some of the other girls and they are all complementing her on her top. Every time I see it, I want to gag! Can you say shallow and vain, if wearing the "right" shirt is what makes her feel good about herself? What about her own self worth? Her intelligence? Her personallity? Obviously none of that matters, as long as you are wearing the right top :(

RF is out with papaQuigs and Missy's hubby getting their nerd on. I have to agree with Quigs that every girl should marry a nerd. They work a lot harder and cause little strife. He may spend hours in front of a video game, but at least I know where he is at. He may go out with his friends but I never wonder where they are or what they are doing. I know they are all too shy/nerdy to be out trying to pick up other women (if any of them even had that desire), they aren't getting wasted, etc. Being married to a nerd is a good thing LOL

MT finally got the hang of swimming several feet at a time. She can't quite get lifting herself out of the water to take a breath but she is so close. She jumps in in the 5 foot, pushes off the bottom and swimms 6-8 feet to me, where I lift her out of the water. It won't be long before she figures out the breathing (or, at the rate she is going, grows gills LOL) and is FINALLY able to go off the diving board.

I'm pleased to announce that TB has started making some different friends this year. There is a boy from his class last year that he has been playing with at recess and another boy that he has been sitting with at lunch. After school, he has found a couple boys who are a grade older that he plays with, although he does still occasionally chat with B and J. So far, so good and I couldn't be happier!

I have yet to get the hang of this stupid early schedule. I am staying up outrageousely late and barely dragging myself out of bed in the morning. Speaking of which, I'm headed to bed so I can read for a bit and still be asleep by 10, which is a little late, since I have to get up at 6 but not as bad as midnight (last night's bedtime)


Quigs78 said...

Seriously. I'm a firm believer in 'Nerds/geeks make awesome husbands.'

Although I did tell N that in our future divorce proceedings, I'm going to say that he had a mistress and her name was Xbox 360.

abyss said...

and a vile temptress she is. Xbox 360 sleeps in my room with me, Freak is in her own room.



abyss said...

and is the font on this page smaller then usual?

Mommy Schiff said...

I think it's funny you have to wear your granny glasses to type on the computer now. Ha Ha! Just kidding =)

I never thought to put my husband in the "nerd/geek" catergory but after the checklist laid out in this post he definitely is one.
He plays Xbox 360 every night and he pretty much never goes out. Only thing that sucks is he never wants me to go out =(

Looseyfur said...

Can we allow iPhones to that list? Cause I"m definitely an iPhone widow.

Also, how come I sound like such an uncultured hick re: eating green beans off the vine?