Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Can you tell the difference

We were talking about MT's hair and TB said to my mom that daddy has been brushing her hair at bedtime and that she likes him doing it better than me. My mom says "well, what does Dad do different from Mom?" TB thought about it for a second then said "um, Dad leaves to go to work and Mom stays home" Absolutely true but not quite what we were asking. The answer to the question is that RF has patience with her and will take whatever amount of time is needed to get her hair combed without pulling it at all.

I was in the bedroom doing something and MT came in and told me that she was getting the markers out. I said "ok, sweet heart, I'll be out in a minute" She walked out and got all the way to the microwave before saying "wait a minute" and turning around to come back. She poked her head back in the bedroom and said "that's Batman to you"

Today, we went to the park with Quigs and the Quiglets. They were running a bit late meeting us and MT was getting stressed so she asked to call Quigs to see where they were. When Quigs answered the phone MT said "Hi Quigs, this is MT" After talking about where they each were, Quigs asked how long we had been at the park and MT said "um, 2 hours". Closer to 15 minutes but either way LOL


Misc said...

Time: it's all relative.

MT, I mean, Batman is hilarious.

Quigs78 said...

That was a very cute conversation, though. She sounds so sweet and shy on the phone.

But I know better. :)