Thursday, August 14, 2008

Get Lost

When Lost came on the air, I thought "that looks interesting" but then through a series of errors, I never managed to see it. After several weeks, it sounded less and less like anything I would actually enjoy so I pretty much wrote it off. I did put season 1 and 2 on hold at the library, so that, at some point, should I find myself without anything better to watch, I could give it a try. But honestly, I thought all the rabid Lost fans were more than a little crazy.

Sometime came a few weeks ago. I couldn't get the series that I had started (Sex and the City) and it wasn't very good anyway so I decided to release season 1 and see what the deal was. I watched it and I liked it a lot. I loved Hurley and Charlie and Claire. I like Sawyer and Kate (and especially later) and Jack (although I could do without his hero complex) and the premise of the show was interesting. While I was watching season 1, I commented to my mom that she might like it since she enjoys sci-fi (and there is a serious sci-fi premise to the show) and gave her the disks I was done with. She watched them over the course of a couple of days and was begging for the rest. She got absolutely hooked and so did I. I promptly put season 3 on hold so we would have some chance of getting it before the end of time. I just finished season 3 last night and I'm all WTF.

I've started watching season 4 on (Fortunately, abc keeps their stuff up for a while, some of the other channels take things down after a few weeks) but I'm only about 10 minutes into the first episode, where Hurley has the high speed chase. Quigs has been waiting anxiously for to get the season 4 so she can talk to me about it. Fortunately, Rogers is a completely rabid fan and has been discussing it with me as I go along. She has also been filling in some blanks that I have been too anxious to wait for.

I'm DYING to know more. Why does Walt keep popping in, about once a season? Why did Hurley have a high-speed chase? Who was waiting for Kate when she was talking to crazy Jack? Why couldn't the Charlie character continue? (Rogers said it was the actor's choice because he thought his run was done, but I think he is stupid) Who is the invisible guy that Ben talks to? Who are the people on the "rescue" ship? And ultimately, what is the deal with the island? My MIL thinks everyone is dead and the island is limbo. Those that "die" on the island have simply passed on. Rogers says the writers say no but could be lying. That makes me sad because I like that theory way better than the time travel on they keep bringing up.

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makeup_girl said...

E was born Oct. 6, 2004. It was a Wednesday. Lost was in its first season, and I was hooked. So while I was going from 8cm-10cm in the birthing room, that's what I was watching. When the doc came in and said I was at 10 and we could start pushing, I asked, "Can we wait until Lost is over?" He said sure and went to eat his dinner. I finished watching the episode and gave birth to my beautiful daughter.

And that was the last time I watched the show. Having a newborn limited my television watching, and I lost track of what was going on. I supose I could borrow the dvd's from my brother, but I barely have time to watch my current shows, let alone 4 years of a series.