Saturday, August 16, 2008

8 for 8?

I love Michael Phelps. He is absolutely my favorite olympic athlete. I was watching last night when he won his 7th gold by the length of a fingernail. I seriously didn't think that he won the touch based on the replays of the video. His competition filed protest and the judges declared him the final winner, which was awesome for him. Tonight, he swims for his 8th gold, making him the winningest Olympic athlete in history.

Many of you know my "Michael Phelps" story but I'm telling it again here for those that don't know and to record it for myself.

During the 04 Olympics, TB was FASCINATED by the swimming. He and I watched all the races but he was especially interested in Michael Phelps. That is how we convinced him to start actually swimming (looking at him now you wouldn't know he needed convincing but he was only 2.5 and didn't like putting his face in the water), we told him that if he would put his face in the water, he could swim like Michael Phelps. That was all he needed to know. Anyway, we watched the races and I even taped some of them so he could watch MP swim repeatedly.

A few months later, he was pretty much over the obsession and hadn't watched the tape in weeks. After I found out I was pregnant with MT we were talking about how he was going to have a baby brother or sister and I asked what he wanted to name it. He looked me and said "Michael Phelps", in the most "duh" voice he could manage. I said "well, what if it is a girl, what would we name her?" He rolled his eyes and said firmly "Michael. Phelps." LOL

So now you know why I love Michael Phelps. Besides the fact that he is an absolutely fabulous swimmer

ETA:The USA team just won the medley relay and Michael Phelps is now 8 for 8 in the olympics

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