Friday, August 29, 2008

My kind of music

Looseyfur and Missy have been pimping Death Cab for Cutie's show at the Assembly Hall like there is no tomorrow. I've watched both the videos they posted and I saw them on Letterman a year or so ago (or maybe even longer than that) and so far, I haven't heard anything that I like. They just aren't my kind of band. All the songs are so down. They just don't appeal to me.

Who does appeal to me you might ask? Or you might not but since it is my blog, I get to post what I want LOL

This is my favorite song they have ever done

(high praise, since I really like a lot of their albums). They are also the singularly best live band EVER!


Mommy Schiff said...

I love BNL too! My sister and I got tickets on ebay about 7-8 years ago and saw them play in Chicago. Our tickets were 4th row center from the stage. It was AWESOME!! They are such a funny, feel good band....for the most part =)

Looseyfur said...

BNL is a big favorite in our house. And they do do their share of sad songs too... like one of my favorites is Call and Answer... but War on Drugs also moves me.

I also LOVE Baby Seat, Off the Hook, Falling for the First Time, Easy... there are so many. Plus, they're completely X-man danceable.

I loved the Cure and Depeche Mode growing up... i think that's why Death Cab and Postal Service get me every time. Part of me loves the angst.

The Fearless Freak said...

Call and Answer = one of their worst songs because it is all angst-y and uncool.

I do like the entire Maroon album but I hadn't heard the "War on Drugs" so I just looked it up and I don't like it either. I didn't like anything off that album so I'm not surprised.

I didn't like either of the other bands, probably because of their angst LOL

Looseyfur said...

I am also a closet lite rock fan.. and by lite rock, I mean, adult contemporary...

I have Peabo Bryson, Jack Wagner, REO Speedwagon and Phil Collins on record... Seriously.

Misc said...

I've been a fan of BNL for well over a dozen years. LOVE. THEM. Their lyrics are sharp and clever, something shared with Death Cab.

Looseyfur and I need to get together and compare record collections...

Freak, what other bands do you like? Aquabats, I know, but who else?

The Fearless Freak said...

Missy, I would say outside of BNL, my fave band is the Beach Boys. I also like Garth Brooks but generally, I don't like large libaries from anyone artist. I like a few songs here or there (I love Kid Rock's new song All Summer Long and Duffy's Mercy) by each several artists but not one artist enough to own albums by them.

However, like I told Loosey, I grew up on oldies. I used to listen to the radio to fall asleep at night and when I was about 5 or 6, I heard a commercial for some scary movie. I freaked and demanded that my station be changed from Mix to Oldies 92. My radio satyed there until 1994, when I finally changed it back LOL