Saturday, August 23, 2008

Taking charge

At bedtime, I read to the kids, kiss them goodnight and then set up a gate to keep MT in. This was to curb finding all manor of food and bathroom items in her bed because she would get up and silently roam the house after I put her to bed. A couple of times she has tried to scale the gate but overall it has been sucessful.

Tonight I was in our dining room when I saw her standing by the gate. She looked around and didn't see me watching her. Then she backed up and took a running start at the gate. She charged into it, shoulder down, full speed ahead. I'm not sure if she expected it to hold up to that kind of assault or if she just really wanted out. I'm betting on the first since when she stumbled to a halt in the kitchen, she looked quite surprised to find herself on that side of the gate.

She looked around frantically for a second (I had hid byt that point so she didn't see me) then turned and walked in the living room. I hustled to my chair and was sitting, waiting as she came around the corner. She looked at me and said "hrm, you forgot to put the gate up" ROFL

We had the exchange of "Can I talk to you" "no, go to bed" a couple of times before she finally agreed to a final kiss, then back to bed. On her way out of the living room she said "I'm going to bed but you need to put the gate up this time"


Looseyfur said...

I think Lizzie is rhino kin to X-man. But this is almost as good as your "Don't play with your penis and eat your breakfast" story.

makeup_girl said...

OMG! How funny!
I know G will be like that when he gets older. E would just stand at her gate and scream. But since G is already a terror, I expect him to be slipping on the tactical gear and taking secret missions around the house at night. He'll be my little Stewie from Family Guy (minus the whole, "must kill my mother" thing).

Quigs78 said...

I love her. Seriously.

Leeanthro said...

Sorry to laugh, but that's quite funny! I can just see a kid ramming a gate like that.

The Fearless Freak said...

No need to apologize for laughing. I LMAO once I sent her back to bed. I still giggle a little thinking about it. :)