Monday, August 4, 2008

Damn it

I've felt like I was forgetting something about this vacation all day. I checked and double checked my luggage. I checked and double checked the movies and other electronics that we are taking. I thought and looked and thought some more and finally decided I was just being crazy (I'm a little more than a little OCD about packing and travelling). I just remembered about 5 minutes ago what I forgot. Fortunately, we haven't left yet. Unfortunately, it is something that I can't do anything about.

I was supposed to get 4 Pepsi cans from Lavendar Lemonade, to reduce the cost of our tickets to Holiday World. I meant to call her on Sunday and arrange a time to pick them up. I forgot. :( Now it is too late because it is 9:15 and I'm ready for bed and tomorrow, we are leaving at stupid o'clock and won't be on that side of town :( Darn it all. I guess I'll grab a couple of cans to take with us at the gas station in the am but having to buy them to get the savings sort of defeats the purpose of getting the savings :(

Alas, such is the story of my life


Quigs78 said...

Dude. If it was Diet Coke, I'd run a case full of empties over to you right now!

Sorry. :(

But have a super fab time! I miss you already!

Lavender Lemonade said...

Shoot! I meant to email you too! Sorry we didn't get our ducks in a row on that one. And I hate that nagging, "i'm forgetting something" feeling, so at least you eventually figured it out. Grrrr.