Friday, August 15, 2008

It must be magic

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Did you know that the next movie (Half-blood Prince) is being delayed until next summer? Did you know it was so the WB could make more money by filling a gap in the summer schedule created by the writers strike? Are you irritated?

I am a little irritate because I was looking forward to seeing it. On the other hand, I'm not feeling too bad because it will give me time to finish reading the book to The Boy at bedtime. As it was, we were going to be pushing it to finish the book before the movie came out.

However, I'm in a couple of Harry Potter communities on Livejournal and people over there are INSANE about this. They are have created petitions to demand that the movie be released as planned. They are circulating contact information for execs at the WB, they are talking about boycotting the film completely (yeah right, they were all rabid for something as small as a trailer, there is no way they are going to skip the movie) and talking about ways to see the movie, without giving money to the WB (buying a ticket for a non-WB movie and going to see HBP instead, that way, tickets sales look like the non-WB movie beats the pants off HBP). One girl was screaming about how "thanks to the WB, my birthday is now ruined. I had plans and because they are money grubbing bastards, they are completely ruined. It will be my worst birthday ever"

I just wanted to be like WTF! It is a freaking movie and OF COURSE the WB is money grubbing, they are a corporation, in the business of making money! Those people seriously need lives and help, asap. That they are that up in arms about a release date change is just nutty.


makeup_girl said...

Ok. I don't get to go to the movies. Ever. When the last HP movie was released, my friends and I made a special trip to see it on IMAX in 3-D. It was awesome. It was the only HP movie I'd ever seen in a theater.

I was super excited for the release of THBP in November. It meant another trip to see a movie without my kids. I feel we have waited long enough. So I also agree with the masses: This is not fair!

The Fearless Freak said...

I agree it is unfair and they have been dangling this movie out there like a carrot for a year already. November is time but while we feel that way, we are also not advocating sneaking in to see it, signing petions or email WB execs and we certainly aren't scraming about them ruining our birthday.

I love the HP series and the the movies, while lagging far behind the books, are still really good but I understand they are movies and that the WB is in the business of making money.

Yelling at them for moving it based on money would be like calling your grocery store and yelling at them for raising prices on milk. It happened and it sucked but that is what they do.

It just frustrates me to see these people all up in arms over this because in the grand scheme of things if the release date of movie causes them this much stress, there is no way they could manage to live and funtion in the real world.

The thing about those groups is that they are a lot of young kids. On some topic a few weeks ago, someone said "I was first allowed to read HP when I was 7th grade and I read all 6 books that were out from beginning to end, as fast as I could. That means they are probably 16 or 17, at the oldest now.

makeup_girl said...

You have very good points. I don't think acting like a bunch of spoiled brats is going to solve anything. It just makes those people look like idiots.

I am curious to see how far after THBP that they release the first TDH movie. I mean, the actors are already much older than the characters. We don't need to see Daniel on the red carpet of his movie premier with a 5 o'clock shadow!

The Fearless Freak said...

The have said that DH is being filmed right now and will be released at it projected time, which is November 2010. That was one of their big selling points, that the wait between HBP and DH would be shorter because they were moving HBP.