Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Odds and ends again

Yesterday was a busy day. I had to go grocery shopping, which takes half a day, then we booed the pool for TB's b-day party, then I cleaned the house, took TB shopping to spend his vast amounts of money ($35), cooked dinner, went to the school fundraiser meeting, then home to watch Lost.

Speaking of birthday days, I have apparently missed the boat on goody bags. Quigs made super cute summer fun sets for PG's b-day. S had purses for the girls and little baskets for the boys with cute fun summer stuff in them. Missy had neat bags with beach accessories in them and even had a CD of summer music in each to set the mood. At TB's last birthday, we did Harry Potter and since no goody bags were to be had, I had the kids decorate brown lunch sacks with HP stickers and some markers and then put in some bubbles, a rubber ball, some truck things, etc. Nothing thematic. In years past, I alwasy bought whatever theme items they had a FActory Card and called that good enough goody bag. MT has never had a birthday party were goody bags were given (family only so far). Now I'm thinking that I need to step up my efforts, lest I fall even further behind. This year is Star Wars so I should have an easier time of it.

CDs are also the new thing in goody bags. I need to find some good Star Wars music (I'm going to find the Weird Al songs and some of the score I think) to make for our CD and maybe a picture of TB dressed in his Star Wars halloween costume for the cover art.

I absolutely can not compete in the domestic games (or as RF tells me "of course you can. Someone has to come in last place LOL). I don't sew, I don't cook, I rarely make it if I can buy it, I'm inclined to eff the house, I'm going to the pool, etc. I can (and do) compete in the wit and sarcasm games. In fact I not only compete but I hold world records in sarcasm and bad attitude :)

Maybe I'm a selfish bitch (ok, before you call me a liar as well, I realize that I AM actually a selfish bitch but I keep hoping) but I'm really irritated by parents who bring no toys for their kids but expect other parents to share. We went to the "Hassle Park" today because I didn't want to go to the pool. I took the regular, 2 buckets, 3 shovels, one rake and a sifter. That way, I have enough for the kids to have what they want and to share with anyone they are playing with. What I didn't take was enough for every kid in the park to use. What I also didn't take was enough for a kid to accost me before I ever got to the park telling me that she could play with our stuff. Um, no you can't. What I also didn't take was stuff for the same kids (who were completely unsupervised) to come to my table while I was sitting there and just take the toys I told them they couldn't play with. I also didn't take things for the other kids to take and then refuse to give back when MY kids (the owners of the toys) wanted to play with them. The first few times they came to the table and took things, I would get up and politely tell them that I needed them bac because I wanted to keep everything together. After that, I tried to impart my brand of morals to them by telling them that it was very very rude to tae things from people without asking. That if it wasn't their's they shouldn't touch it because then it was stealing. When that didn't work, I demanded to be taken to their adult, which prompted both girls to run to the other side of the playground where I couldn't see them. I never did see them with an adult but I was ticked about the whole mess.

I get to go to a school meeting tonight. When I went to registration today, they had papers out about a "parent forum" about silent lunches and a few other things I don't really care about. I know that last year some of the classes had silent lunch because they were out of control. I don't think that a silent lunch policy across the board is acceptable. Show of hands, would you sit at a table with 8-10 co-workers and friends for 20 minutes, and say nothing to any of them? No you wouldn't, especially if you had nothing to do to entertain yourself while you sat there. Why would anyone think that it is an acceptable thing to have kids do? Unknown, but that is my point and I intend to make it!


Misc said...

I think my favorite part of planning the party is the goody bag. I love pouring over Oriental Trading or U.S. Toy Company catalogs. And I have such fun making mix discs (it's one of my favorite things to do). Did the kids like the beach bags?

The Star Wars theme would be lots of fun and easy. I have the new Clone Wars movie soundtrack if you want to borrow it. Don't know if you can rip tracks from it, though, since we bought it today. The kids HAD to listen to it on the way home from Wal-Mart.

abyss said...


The kids LOVED the bags, I think that F is going to swap out their swim things into those bags now (they kinda needed new pool bags anyway). The entire beach theme was awesome, and the ice cream was totally fab.