Thursday, October 2, 2008

Barking mad

So, long time, no post. Sunday, I started getting a sore throat. Sinus drainage and all that. I popped some Sudafed and Tylenol and was fine. Monday, the throat got worse, as did the sinus pain. I upped the Tylenol and Sudafed and drank my weight in liquid. Tuesday morning, I woke up coughing some but the sore throat was mostly gone. It was a lovely barking sound that indicates croup. I get croup every year, sometimes 2 or 3 times a year. I'm completely used to it and there is nothing I can do about it. 4 days getting worse, 3 days getting better, over and done. Rest as much as you can, frink plenty of fluids, etc.

As the day wore on, I got worse and in a hurry. We went to Verizon to get new phones (more about that later) and I was flat exhausted. I came home and layed down and felt like I was breathing through a wet washcloth. In addition, I almost completely lost my voice. I put some Vicks on and layed down with a heating pad until it was time to pick up TB from school. It was the only way, I could breathe even a little bit :( It took all the energy I could muster to get out of the van and walk up to the school to pick up TB. We went home and I layed back down because I was dying. However, this felt different from my usualy croup. When I get it, I never lose my voice and I have never had more problems breathing when laying down. I also never wheeze and feel like I'm breathing water.

I decided I need to find out for sure that it was something different and the doctor confirmed that I did not have croup, I had bronchitis :( So I started Zithromax Tuesday night. I took 2 pills, some cough meds, Sudafed, Tylenol, ran the humidifer, ran the Sudacare plug, slathered myself in Vicks and slept on 4 pillows so I could actually breathe. Weds morning, it more Zithromax, lots more Sudafed and Tylenol and I felt much better. Since worn out and not 100% but good enough to go back to Verizon and exchange my new phone for an internet enabled phone that actually GOT on the internet! They didn't have the phone so I came home and took a nap.

Weds night, I went to book club and came home and collapsed. Today, I feel even better. I ran around and went shopping, bought MT some new pants. Looked for some Xmas presents, bought TB's bday present, bought the party supplies for Saturday, raised hell at Verizon (can you sense a theme here), and went to see the Marching Illini play. Now I'm watching TV and getting ready for another early night.

I'll blog more about the phone stuff later. Maybe even from the phone! :)


makeup_girl said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that I don't get sick this winter - with Ella bringing home all kinds of germs from preschool, I should be crossing my toes too!

Quigs78 said...

You sounded ten times better tonight than you did last night. Yay for drugs!

And your new phones are pretty fancy-schmancy. The pictures looked awesome!