Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You are screwing with my childhood here

We went to Texas Roadhouse the other night for dinner. Tb said that was where he wanted to go for his birthday so we did. Those of you that have been know, they play nothing but country music there. And they play it way too loud. Seriously, I shouldn't have to bellow to be heard by the people at my table at dinner. Anyway, we got in the car to leave and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts were on the radio when we got in the car. MT relaxed into her seat and sighed, saying "finally, some good music" LOL

TB always wants to "rock" when we listen to music. I have a couple of old CDs that I made a while back titled oh so inventively "rock mix" and "rock 2" so I decided to pop them in. Last night, we were on the way to PTA and TB asked to "rock". I put in "rock mix" and started skipping around to see what was on it. I came across "Bohemian Rhapsody" and let it play. TB told me that it "didn't rock". The net song up on the disk was "1979" by Smashing Pumpkins. Not one of my favorite songs, but fairly iconic of my high school days. I was listening too it while he is yelling from the back seat "change the song". I told him no, it was a rock song. His response? "This song does not rock, in fact it sucks"

This was my YOUTH dude, you will listen to the song and you WILL like it. Then the song ended and "Rat in a Cage" came on and he decided that that was acceptable and rocked just enough. How very lame!


Quigs78 said...

Smashing Pumpkins was a huge part of high school...oh, the memories.

But I do think it's funny that you were complaining about having to bellow when that's normally your second choice of communication. The first being email, of course. :)

(WTF with the new comments? I don't like it.)

Looseyfur said...

LOL, He should have just called you his "old mother" while he was at it. I mean jeez. Leave it to MT to love the classics. Was it I love Rock N Roll or Bad Reputation (my favorite)?

Hummie said...

lol! Yep....funny I just said a similar thing to my son tonight...but with a twist...he learned a new guitar song and I said...hey, now learn a song I know and I can tell you if you are playing it right!

Lavender Lemonade said...

Bug knows all the words to "I love Rock-n-Roll"...the Joan Jett version. :)

That is hilarious that TB likes to "rock" and he already has discerning music tastes. But I'm with him...I think Rat in a Cage rocks too.