Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Career choices

TB said to me the other day, just out of the blue,
"It sure is too bad hobos can't afford cable" I told him that it sure was too bad and asked why he though that. Then he said "well, because they must get really bored sitting around doing nothing all the time. They can't afford a Wii or a DS or anything" Um, yeah or food or shelter or stuff like that.

Apparently, that conversation came because he told my mom that he didn't want to go to school, he just wanted to stay home and play video games. She told him that if he didn't go to school and get educated, he wouldn't be able to get a job so he could afford video games and told him that without school, he would end up a bum. So he has been going around asking people what bums CAN afford to buy, so that he can make an informed choice about hobo-hood as a potential career choice. Apparently we have done a fairly decent job of making it sound like a bad choice because he hasn't complained about having to go to school since then. :)

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