Saturday, October 11, 2008

Stupid Halloween

I know that statement comes as a surprise to anyone who knows me and knows that Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. However, it is specifically about an issue that I'm having right now.

I'm smart when it comes to Halloween costumes. Every year on Nov 1st, I head for Target and pick up next years costumes at 50%. It makes my kids pick costumes a year in advance but they seem ok with it thus far. So last year, TB said he wanted to be a ninja. I bought the black ninja costume and hung it in the closet. In the past year, he has developed his Star Wars obsession and asked to change to Darth Maul. Hey, no biggie, Darth Maul looks sort of like a ninja so we can make the costume work, I just need a mask. I went to both the Halloween stores that have sprung up in town to no avail. I went to Dallas and Company which has everything you could ever need for Halloween. They had a mask but it was adult sized and it was $25 dollars. Plus, it was full head, over the neck mess and TB said it hurt to pull it on and off. I don't really want to pay $25 for something I'm going to have to "make work" I started looking online and found a website that sells nothing but Star Wars costumes and they have the mask. They have child sized and they have 2 options. One is full head and is like $13 dollars plus shipping. The other is a half face (thus not as hot and sticky in case this warm weather holds) plastic mask for $8 plus shipping. Either is doable and I'll have RF look at them when he gets home to see which he thinks. He is the other Star Wars fan in the family after all.

While I was there, I was looking at some adult costumes for me. TB has mentioned that he would like to have me dress up as someone from Star Wars and I'm not opposed to that, if I can find something cheap enough. I was looking at Padme because she is Luke's mom and TB is talking about being Luke next year (I'd like to get RF a Vader costume and convice MT to be Leia but that is more than a little nerdy LOL). My question is, why does EVERY SINGLE woman's costume have to have a "sexy" option? Can't an woman want to dress as a nurse or a referee or a devil or a Star Wars character without wanting to look like a whore? Second question, why does the woman's sizes only go up to 16 (Queen Amidala's goes to 20 which is a little better), when the male characters go up to a 46. Leia only goes to 12 for crying out loud. I realize that Carrie Fisher was a giant crackhead and super skinny while playing Leia but I want to know why Luke and Han (both trim, nice looking guys) could be worn by guys the size of my brother, who is pushing 300lbs. Talk about unrealistic.

I wear a 16 or an 18, depending on the cut. The Padme costume is too clingy to make a good costume but I'm not thrilled with being Amidala because it is a big heavy costume. I always have issues with available sizes of women's cloths but this is irritating me beyond the typical irritation. If I can't find fat girl costumes on the web, where am I supposed to find them at?


makeup_girl said...

Have you thought about just getting fabric and a pattern and having someone make the costume for you?

abyss said...

That sounds like alot of work, Though I did notice Misc had her sewing machine when I was over last week.


Love ya Misc