Friday, October 3, 2008

Phone home

On Tuesday, we decided it was time to renew oue contract on our cell phones. It was almost up and my phone was having trouble holding a charge so it was time. I spent a lot of time researching and looking to see what phone I wanted. I finally decided on the LG ENV2 because it had an outside keypad but also had a full QWERTY keyboard for texting and it was internet enabled. I don't like touch screen phones and I don't like the exposed QWERTY keyboards on the Blackberries. So Tuesday, we went out there and renewed the contract, upgraded to the data plan (that ended up costing the same as keeping our old plan and adding internet to one phone and we ended up with 200 more minutes a month) and brought our new toys home. I was sick so I didn't play with it much, but I did try out my internet. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to work right. I wanted internet on my cell phone specifically so that I could check my email, check blogger, check meetup and play on facebook. The Env2 wouldn't open anything except Gmail. Weds, I took the phone back to Verizon to have them fix the problem. It turned out they couldn't because the phone didn't have a full html browser, only having web 2.0 :( I told the girl what I wanted and she pointed me at the Voyager. Sadly, it has a touch screen, which I don't like. Not every person that wants to get on the web with their cell phone wants an iClone so I'm not usre why that is all they make. Unfortunately, for a full html browser my options were limited to that, the Dare (what RF got) or one of the Blackberries. I decided to get the Voyager but was told they were out of stock and we would have to go back the next day (Thursday). I agreed and went home and took a nap :)

Thursday morning, I felt a lot better and while we were out running errands, I had RF call to see when they expected the phone in. We were told the truck came in about 1 and that the phones would be inventoried and ready to go by 3. I picked TB up at school, picked up his party supplies for his party this weekend and then stopped by Verizon to get my new phone. I went to customer service and told them I wanted to exchange the phone and the girl looked at me and said "the truck just left, it will be another 2-3 hours before they are all checked in sorry, you'll have to come back then" I flipped. I told her that I would not be coming back in 3 hours and that I wanted my phone NOW. I bitched about how it was the 3rd time in three days that I had been in trying to get a phone that I could tolerate and raged at RF about how stupid the whole mess was. The girl said to me "well it isn't MY fault the truck was late getting here" ARRRGGGHHH!! So the wrong thing to say, lady! I wheeled around on her and told her that it MIGHT not be her fault but she CERTAINLY didn't have to make it MY problem! She walked away from the desk at that point and came back a few minutes later with a phone. She said "He agreed to pull one off the truck in this case even though it messes up our inventory" I think she expected me to feel bad, but all I said was "great, thanks so much"

She tippy tapped on the keyboard for a few minutes then said "you understand, you will have to pay the difference between the 2 phones" I scowled and said "yes, I understand that I have to pay the difference. I don't like it because honestly, I don't like the new phone, I want the phone that I picked out to be able to do the things I want it to do instead of being crippled by your God awful software, but I do understand" She ignored me and kept tapping away on the keyboard. Finally she looks up and said "I applied your business discount and you will actually get money back but you won't get a mail in rebate" I told her "that is great because mail in rebates are a pain in the neck anyway, thanks so much for all your help" The whole time RF is standing by telling me to be reasonable, and to calm down, etc etc etc.

So I got the fancy pantsy phone, for $80 less than I would have paid for it if I had got it in the first place. I took it home, played with it a little, managed to get on most of the websites I wanted to get on, made some calls, sent some texts and finally got around to entering my contacts. I got up this morning and tried to hop on one of the sites and the phone crashed. It shut down completely and then restared fine. I tried getting back on the net and it did the same thing again. I tried *228 to update it, shut down, restarted, etc. Nothing. I told RF that he needed to take it back to Verizon and get them to fix or replace because if I went, blood would be shed. He took it, they said that they had problems with it in the older versions of the phone and replaced it. They transferred my contacts, pictures and videos for free.

I found out that some of the stuff I want it to do is impossible. I can't access the links on Facebook, so I can't play any of the games :( I can log into meetup and I can check my email via the phone mail servers, not the Gmail webpage and I can get google and blogger and it is going to be ok. I still don't like the touch screen, not sensitive enough, too precise but tolerable. I'll deal with it and I've decided to keep it. I got new ringtones (the defaults SUCK SUCK SUCK) and got them assigned (my default is Star Wars, my mom's is Indiana Jones and RF's is Batman. Can you tell the kids had a hand in picking out my ringers) and I'll get used to it.


Quigs78 said...

I want Tim McGraw as my ringtone. I know you hate it, but if you loved me, you'd do it. :)

Lavender Lemonade said...

Aargh! What a pain in the ass. But its so cool that you have a high-tech phone that allows you to communicate with little green aliens on Mars and a shipwreck buried in the bottom of the sea. That's awesome.