Sunday, October 5, 2008

Party time

October starts birthday season in our house. TB's birthday is October 19th, but we end up celebrating more of the month than not because of all the parties we have. Yesterday was the first one of those parties. We had his friends come to a pool party at the Aquatic Center.

The party went really well. As well as any gathering of lots of people can go. We got to the pool about 2:10 for the 2:45 party. The girl at the desk told us that people that had the room before us were still up there but they had the room until 2:15 so it wasn't a huge deal. We started carrying stuff upstairs, only to find out that they were just finshing up their food and hadn't even done the cake yet! We gave them until 2:20, when we told them that we really needed to get in the room get set up so they needed to get a move on. The mom came downstairs to find me and wanted to know if we were swimming first or going to the room first. I told her that we were going to room first, because even if we weren't, we needed to get it setup for when we were up there. By this time, it was 2:30 and things needed to get DONE! The guard told me then that if we needed them out, to let the head guard know and they would get them out. I went and got the head guard and she told them to book outta there, as they should have done on their own. They decided that they could have their cake sitting on the bleachers but they acted all upset that we wanted them out at the time they were supposed to be out. As soon as the last kid was through the door, I was in starting to set our stuff up. They came in and asked if we wanted them to clean up and I said of course I did, I would just work around them. Duh!

By then the guests started arriving and we got them in the pool with my dad and brother, while RF and I waited for additional guests. Once everyone got there, I got in the water with the kids, where they swam until about 3:30, when we called them for cake.

The cake was a little DIY because there was not a Star Wars cake to be had in this town. We had Walmart (who makes some darn good cakes) make a cake with black icing and orange writing and border. We had some Star Wars figures that we were going to wash and stick on the cake but Obi-Wan was missing his lightsaber so I went to Toys R Us to find some figures that we could use. I ended up finding the Obi-Wan and Anakin from the Mustafar battle, which was what we were trying to re-create with the black and orange. I set them up so they looked like they were battling and then stuck the darth vader candle holder on the other corner (it was a DV figure and the red candle went in his hands like his light saber).

TB asked if we could do presents as soon as we came upstairs and I agreed that once the cake and icing were everywhere, I didn't want the presents in the middle like that. So he opened his presents first and he got some really awesome stuff! He got 3 Lego Mission sets, all three were different, which is amazing. He also got a Star Wars Clone Wars clone trooper set, and a fighter ship. Then he opened a present that had two of the Clone Wars figures in it. As soon as he pulled them out, I started laughing. They were EXACTLY the same Mustafar battle figures that I bought the day before to put on the cake! No biggie though, we took them back today and exchanged them for 2 different figures (a light up R2D2 and a battle droid). Then we moved on to the cake.

We sat the cake in the middle of the table and sang to TB and then moved it to a side table to cut and serve. I pressed Frank, Missy's husband, into service as the cake delivery guy while mom cut and I scooped. The kids all dug in with wild abandon. The black icing made a CRAZY big mess. I took several pictures of the kids smeared in black icing, sticking their tongues out to show how black they were, etc. They thought it was pretty awesome :)

Once they were done with the cake, they went back down to the pool to wash the icing off. They swam until about 4:30, when most of the kids started trickling out. We rounded up TB (MT fell in the pool and hurt her toe and went home with my mom early) and made him get dressed and came home.

After we left, RF went to the doctor. He told me he didn't feel great at the party but he hung in there to help out. I figured he had bronchitis since I had it and Quigs has it and Looseyfur and Xman have an unspecified "respritory infection". Strangely enough, he came home with Strep. Boo! He was banished to his room for the rest of the night because I don't want that crap!


Looseyfur said...

Sounds like an awesome party! I'm jealous of the cake situation. Now I want birthday cake. There should be more birthday cake in the world.

abyss said...

Wait a second, your mom gets an entire post, multiple paragraphs, and pictures, but I only get part of a sentence.



Quigs78 said...

LMAO at the RF injustice! I hope you feel better, RF, even if your wife doesn't! :)

The party did sound awesome, though! But poor MT needs to stay away from pools. She seems to get injured every time she's around them!

Misc said...

The kids had an awesome time.

And TB's birthday is my wedding anniversary. I knew there was something extra special about him... :-)

purplecow said...

The mintue PJ saw those figures on the cake- he said oh no I think those are the ones I bought! oops.

Well great minds think alike!
I am glad you were able to exchange them.

Harley Quinn said...

Sounds like a great party. I'm surprised there are no Star Wars themed cakes in town. What's up C/U? Get on the ball!