Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Quiz

Your result for How Long Would you Survive in a Horror Film?...


56% chance of survival!

This character is usually female, tall, dark haired, and virginal. The heroine is never a part of the scene with the requisite horror movie nudity, and she uses her wits to defeat the monster/killer in the end, though, of course, he never really dies. She is the person that will undoubtedly last through the whole movie, because she is probably the first character introduced and the only one with unabashedly perfect moral values and in immense force of will. However, if brought back in a sequel her acquired knowledge of said villain may get her killed (See: The Horror Aficionado).

Heroes/Heroines you could learn something from: Ben, Night of the Living Dead; Peter, Dawn of the Dead; Laurie Strode, Halloween; and Ash, Evil Dead I, Dead II, and Army of Darkness.

All possible results:


The Black Guy

The Horror Aficionado

The Hero/Heroine

The Killer

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Quigs78 said...

LOL I'm the Killer! (64% chance of survival)

*You would think the hero/heroine would out survive the villain, but that's rarely the reality in a horror film. Sure, when they tossed your body through that meat grinder and cooked your severed head in battery acid it looked like you were done for good, but the chances of the killer staying dead forever are extremely slim. Ok, so you'll probably be stabbed, shot, burned, run over and even exorcised at some point but as the star of the movie, you'll always find a way to come back.

Congratulations! This is the highest score you could have gotten!*

Looseyfur said...

I got the same thing as Harley...

The Fearless Freak said...

Does this mean that we are in some kind of alternate universe, where my friends are all the crazy ones and I somehow get to be the hero? Strange, very strange LOL

abyss said...

OH my I got the Horror Aficionado

how odd


makeup_girl said...

The Jock/Cheerleader
38% chance of survival!

That's what I get for answering honestly!

Harley Quinn said...

I'm the Horror Aficinado (sp?) with only a 50% chance of survival. Boo!

Looseyfur said...

Well, hells bells. It was Freak's blog and not Harley's...

Yeah, gonna have to work on my reading.