Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Food Fight

Last week, I posted about Thanksgiving with the ILs. I've been kind of a coward about calling MIL and telling her that we weren't coming because I know how much she hates that the other DIL does that crap all the time. RF assures me that I'm the fave DIL, no matter and I contend that it like the choice between a bologna sandwich and getting punched in the teeth. Neither is a good choice but one is the obvious winner. LOL

Anyway, MIL and my mom were supposed to get the kids a joint gift for Xmas but my mom decided not to do it so she called MIL and during the call, spilled the beans. No biggie, I needed to call her anyway. So she called me today to see about it and I told her that I intend to come out and see everyone at 11 and then leave at noon to come back home for my family's dinner. MIL thought that was FAB idea! She was excited that I would give them some time, even if we didn't stay for food. She told me "I told your dad (she meant FIL but she does that all the time) last night that you had a good head on your shoulders and you would come up with something that would work for everybody. Not like *other DIL* who says that no one owns Thanksgiving and won't bother to grace us with her presence" LOL

So basically problem solved. Now, I just have to come up with acceptable gift ideas for them to get the kids for Xmas since the group gift is a no go. Sort of off topic, anyone know what a good size trampoline would be for 2 kids to use together? (the group gift was a trampoline) We looked at a 12 foot one but I think it looks kind of small for both kids at the same time.

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