Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Let's get physical

The Boy had his seven year check up today, only 6 weeks late which is much better than say his 6 year check up that was a year and 6 weeks late LOL

He is 56 pounds and 49 inches tall. That makes him 50% for height and 75% for weight. At least this time, the doctor didn't tell me to put him on a diet (maybe had something to do with the fact that I laughed in his face the last time he mentioned it, especially after all the "feed him more, feed him more" when he was younger).

The doctor said he didn't think his headaches were too big of a deal but to keep an eye on them and if they persisted or got worse (he gave me a whole list of things to keep in mind for tracking the headaches), see him again. Unfortunately, he failed the eye test :( I have to call the optometrist to get him checked for real (the test at the doctor's office is a basic test that doesn't necessarily indicate an eye problem) because they close at noon on Weds and are obviously closed tomorrow. So I will follow up with that early next week (I might try to call on Friday but we will see if I can work it in around shopping and traveling).

After his appointment, we went to Toys R Us to find some gift ideas for Xmas. We came away with a couple of things for TB and very little for MT. :( I'm sure neither of them will be hurting for presents :)

A mom of one of TB's school friends called me this morning to let me know he had broken out in Chicken Pox. Fortunately, both of my kids had it about 2 years ago so we are safe but she said she called the "frienemy"'s mom and let her know and is calling the school so they can let the parents in his class know. That sucks for all of them.

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