Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Not so thankful

So Thanksgiving is coming up. Not a huge stressful holiday for us like it is for many people. We don't hate our families, we don't have to travel far, etc. However, we are having a little issue this year. Typically, RF's grandma hosts lunch at noon. She has done this every year for the past 30 and every one is expected to be there. My family doesn't always do something for Thanksgiving. Usually every other year or so. In the past, we have vacationed on the holiday (we went to Grand Bear a couple of years ago to the indoor water park and had a blast) or just done a dinner either at the house or at a resturant, when we aren't feeling like cooking. Well this year is the year for my family to have something and my mom has decided to have it at 12:30.

My issue with Thanksgiving at RF's grandma's is first up, I don't get along with either of his uncle (and only barely with the aunts). One uncle and I got into about the pending smoking ban a few years ago and he hasn't spoken to me since. Basically, he thought that he could get me to back off by being a smart ass but any one that knows me, knows that isn't going to fly. So he and his wife don't speak to me. Super fun family gatherings, that. The other uncle is religious fanatic who will pin people down and preach at them if he can catch them. He also likes to talk, loudly, about many things he has no idea about and then he busts out the scripture when someone dares disagree with him. So I don't do well when I have to interact with him. I do my best to ignore him but every so often, he will get right in my face. The other issue, which is much more important to me than the personality problems of his family (MIL FIL and GMIL are great, it is just the extendeds that bother me) is that they have weird food. Besides turkey, there is very little that either I or the kids will eat. Last year, MT had pie and chocolate candy for Thanksgiving dinner because there was NOTHING else there she would even look twice at. TB does slightly better because he will eat meat, so he will eat turkey with his pie and candy. :(

On the other hand, my family makes stuff that we will all eat. We have noodles and mashed potatoes and dressing (not stuffing, sage dressing) as well as turkey and roast beef, some other side dishes and dessert. Plenty of stuff for the kids (ane me, who eats like a kid LOL) and if that isn't enough, if they simply refuse to eat the dinner, there is kid friendly food handy and I could just nuke them some easy mac.

So now RF is irritated that I don't want to go to his family dinner. I suggested that we go out at 11, see his family for a bit, leave at noon and be back here for our dinner by 12:30. He didn't seem to think that was a feasible idea but the other option is that the kids and I will pass completely. So we will see how things shake out on Thanksgiving :)

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Quigs78 said...

We're going through the same crap for Christmas. Family pressure is the biggest reason why I despise the holidays.

Do you have any recommendations for restaurants for T-Day? This is the first year that we're not going to be at our parents' houses, and we're looking for a place to eat.