Monday, November 3, 2008

Really Irrelevant Ramblings

Depending on the mythology you subscribe to, vampires either burst into flames or sparkle in the sunlight. How does that apply to tanning beds? The books all talk about how white vamps are because they can't go in the sun without risking death (I'm going to discount Stephanie Meyers because although I REALLY liked the Twilight series, it is totally different from all the other vamp mythology out there). But, in theory, couldn't they use a tanning bed? What is it specifically about the sun that is toxic to vamps? Is that same thing found in tanning beds?

See? Irrelevant but I bet you are wondering about it now too


Quigs78 said...

Totally irrelevant. But I'm guessing that tanning beds wouldn't help them tan because their skin isn't "living," so it wouldn't respond to the artificial light in the same way. If they can't blush, then they can't tan.

Just my two cents.

The Fearless Freak said...

But what about the Laurell K Hamilton world, where vamps can blush, as long as they have fed?

And I'm curious what blushing has to do with tanning? Is it something about their skin not being able to change color at all or something else?

Thanks for answering my totally ramndom musings :)

Quigs78 said...

Oooh...I haven't read Hamilton yet. I got off the vamp kick for a minute and read The Kite Runner.

The not blushing/not tanning correlation was completely in my head. I just assume that if their skin is so white that they lack pigment, which makes me think that they won't tan. Again, totally in my head. :)

abyss said...

Ok here it goes. NO, Vampires cannot get a tan. It is the UV rays in the sunlight that they are actually "allergic" to, and thus since UV is what stimulates the production of melanin in the skin vampires are unable to get a suntan other then the spray on tan stuff that makes everyone oompa loompas. To curb the future question, Sure if a vampire puts on enough sunscreen and completely blocks out ALL UV rays to their skin they surely can walk around in the sunlight, thus how Angel was able to run around during daylight while hiding under his coat.


lctr said...

i totally agree with RF. since tanning has ultraviolet light, they would be completely doomed.