Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So yesterday was officially a "not good" day. It wasn't terrible, just a few things happened to rank it as not good.

First, over the weekend, I developed a hole in the only pair of comfortable jeans I had. Not a patchable hole either :( When I got to looking at them, even if I could have patched the hole, it wouldn't have mattered because there were holes developing at the corners of the back pockets and on the middle seam. So they had to do in the trash. I decided that I would make due with my uncomfortable jeans, thinking that if I wore and washed them more often, they would soften up and be ok. Well, I wore them for about an hour this morning before I decided I couldn't take it anymore. I decided I had to suck it up and go buy jeans. I hate buying clothes because nothing ever fits right and it costs too much money. I went to Steve and Barry's (BTW, everything is 2.98 or less there right now and they still have a bunch of stuff, especially smaller sizes for the next 4 days) to see if they had anything before they went out of business. I found one pair of jeans in the right size, but they were 4 inches too long. I don't like hemmed pants so I passed (even though I could have probably dealt with it for 2.98 for a pair of jeans) and went to Old Navy. I grabbed my normal size and went and tried them on. I'm very sad to admit that they didn't fit (strange since the pair that ripped was the same size, but whatever) and I had to get the next size up. So not only did I have to buy pants, they just confirmed that I'm a giant fat ass! Did that change my eating habits at all? Of course not! I still had a greasy double cheeseburger, fries and ice cream for lunch and cheese covered enchiladas and beans for dinner. Hopefully, today will be the last day for the cast and I can start going to the gym again. Of course, if I lose much weight, my pants will be too big (they fit fine when they are unstretched but I know they will stretch and be too big, which I would rather have than too small) and then I'll be pissed that I spent the money for pants that don't fit.

RF said I need to become a vampire so that I never change size. I said that I need some kind of wasting illness and lose 100lbs and then become a vampire and never change sizes. :( I bought 2 pairs of pants, spent 3x more per pair than I wanted to spend and had to get a bigger size. It was not a pleasant morning.

Before we left to look at pants, I was playing on facebook and downloading some things. All of a sudden, my laptop shut down. Not too suprising since the battery is toast (I'm getting a new on for Xmas, I just have to suck it up til then) and won't hold a charge. Anytime it is unplugged (and the plug seems to fall out fairly often) it dies. I restarted it and got a blue screen of death. It said to restart and I did and got another blue screen. I had RF look at and he found a file called delself.bat on my desktop, which turned out to be a virus. He ran the anti-virus program and it came up with nothing. He got online and found that other people had had that virus and that it destroys the system registry and the only cure for it seemed to be reformatting and reinstalling :( Fortunately, most of my stuff was backed up and the few things that weren't (recent pictures that I haven't moved over to the big drive), I was able to access and transfer in safe mode. I found my disk and it is reformatting. Hopefully, it will be up and running soon because my desktop is a POS. It is getting replaced for Xmas as well, but again, I have to suck it up for a few more weeks.

So, all in all, a crummy day. Hopefully today will be better.


Harley Quinn said...

Dude, that does suck!!! I don't know what I would do if my computer crashed, I don't know a damn thing about computers and I haven't "backed up any files" or whatever you're supposed to do to computers.

Hopefully you can recover your important stuff.

The Fearless Freak said...

Seriously, back that stuff up! I reformatted my computer last year but it wasn't a huge deal because everything was on my big hard drive so everything was "safe", at least until the next week, when my big drive crashed and burned. It took all my pictures, all my videos, everything, with it. I was very sad.

Now I keep everything on my big hard drive but I keep a copy of it all on my laptop and when I get the new desktop for the kids, I'll keep a backup copy there as well. You can never have too many backups :)

Quigs78 said...

Every few months, I move all of my laptop stuff to our network so Neil can put it on his computer and we can save it to the external hard drive...I'm overdue.

I'm just asking for trouble now.

Lisa said...

i hope today was better!

btw, thanks for the tip on steve & barry ... we went tonight (it's a mess in there!) and ryan got 3 pr shorts. i glanced at the woen's clothes but didn't want lime green capris.