Monday, November 17, 2008

Less hockey, more fighting

We went to the U of I hockey game Friday night. It was TB's first hockey game and he thought it was pretty awesome. I used to go to the games when I was in high school and always enjoyed them.

Hockey is not the place to learn sportsmanship though. Whenever the U of I scores, the students yell at the goalie "It's all your fault" repeatedly. Then they play a song and the students interject lyrics like "Hey! You suck!". When the other team scores, they yell "you still suck!" I've also heard the chant of "less hockey, more fighting", which pretty much sums up why I go to hockey games. Friday night, they would boo the other team whenever they came on or off the ice and then they were even booing the poor Zamboni driver when she missed a little spot. Strangely enough, the thing they didn't boo was the syncronized skating girls that fell. The first one that went down got up and looked like she was crying. The second one laughed. I told Looseyfur that the first one felt like an ass because she fell, the second didn't feel as bad because she was just part of trend LOL

The rest of our group trickled out over the course of the game. We stuck it out to the bitter end. TB had been wanting to go down and stand by the glass so we did that at the last 3 minutes. We were standing there and they slammed the puck towards the goal and missed. It smashed into the glass about 8 feet to my right and I thought TB was going to pee in his pants. He ducked down and threw his arms up over his head. I was LMAO at the poor thing :)

Now, I've planned a mom's night out for the weekend before my birthday to go to a hockey game. I fully intend to sit with the students and taunt at full volume. Who is coming with me :)

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Looseyfur said...

I'm in. I loved the game!