Thursday, December 11, 2008

Clean up your life

Back in April, I took pictures of my "trouble spots" and posted them for Mrs Chicken. Last month, we had some friends over for dinner and despite cleaning all day, I was still vaguely embarrassed to have people over (I know, my friends, not gonna critize too harshly, etc, still it stressed me). Since then (and since I'm hosting dinner again next week), I've been on a cleaning mission. Each day, I take a room or section of room and clean the hell out of it. I started in the laundry room an put all the laundry away, swept, mopped, cleaned off the window sill, etc. Then I moved to the living and sorted my art center, tossing any old markers, drawn on pieces of paper, etc. After that I moved around the living room, cleaning, sorting, dusting, swept, mopping, vacuuming and scrubbing the walls. Then I moved to the kitchen, taking apart the fridge and scrubbing the shelves and walls. Then I moved to the dining room and cleaned off the butcher block, my desk, and bar.

I still have to clean off the fridge top, scrub one side of it (I didn't realize it was that dirty until I was sticking magnets on it today and it is a mess), clean out the pantry, clean the bathroom, and my bedroom (and coerce The Boy into cleaning his room as well, but that is going to happen over break when we have plenty of time to devote to it). I will be mostly done by next week and what I don't get done won't be in public areas of the house so I won't have to worry about it. Now I just have to stay on top of it and keep it clean so I don't have to work like a maniac in the future to get it clean again :)

For contrast, I posted the link to the pictures taken in April for the Dirty Housewives and then the pictures I took today of those 2 areas.

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Harley Quinn said...

OMG! It looks awesome! I've never seen it in person but this looks like a major transformation. And if it makes you feel better and less stressed then that is the best part!!!