Saturday, December 27, 2008

Shaking my boot-y

After going out for some birthday festivities a few weeks ago and wearing Looseyfur's super comfy go-go boots, I decided I wanted a new pair. I've had a pair for years but they never quite fit right. They were always just smidge small in the foot. Now, post kids, my feet have at least a size and they really really don't fit. Loosey's boots, however were super comfy so I set out on a mission to find myself some new boots. I started looking at Target because I saw a pair there a couple of weeks ago that looked cute. Nothing. So I tried Walmart, Meijer, Payless and Kohl's and found nothing. Everything I found was either too small (I have big feet), too short (ankle height) or had too thin of a heel (I wanted a chunky heel because spiky heels would end with my head broken). Add to that, I have large calves and the one pair I found that was perfect would barely zip past my ankle.

The obvious solution, of course, was to ask Loosey where she got her boots, which I did. Unfortunately, she spent way more on them than I wanted to spend on something I didn't NEED and already had a pair of, even if I don't wear them. But in looking at that site, I found some search terms that I could use to look for other sites. This afternoon, those terms led me to Torrid which has some crazy awesome plus sized stuff. There, they had MY boot. It was a little more than I wanted to spend but still within the limit of my gift card so I ordered up. It should be here in 4-6 business and I can't wait. I hope hope hope they fit right because they are exactly the boot I was looking for. Keep your eyes peeled for my fancy new boots the next time you see me. Because seriously, if I'm spending $60, including shipping, on a pair of shoes, I'm wearing them all the time. Play dates? Check. FCC? Check Preschool pick up? You bet!


makeup_girl said...

Those are awesome! Please don't mind if I buy some too!

Mommy, Queen Of Everything said...

I always have trouble with boots because of the size of my calves. I actually call them my cows. Anyway, they are always too tight, so I always end up with ankle boots. Glad that you found some you like.

Jennifer said...

Those boots are cool - I have the calve problem too! I ended up getting a way cheapo pair at Payless before Christmas but they are the spiky kind that I almost killed myself wearing on that darn ice!! You are MUCH wiser!