Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Or at least regcognizes a few letters. I went to Target today and got a shirt that says "CELEBRATE!" (those of you that know me, plan to see this shirt over the next few weeks because it is nifty and I will be wearing it for the upcoming holidays). I put it on when I got home and MT asked me what is said. I told her and then pointed to each letter (she has an interest in letters and reading so I make a point of encouraging that for her) to tell her what they were. I pointed and said "c" and then I pointed to the e and before I could say anything she said "e" then she pointed and said "l, e, b and I don't know the rest" LOL It will be so nice to have kid that I don't have to hear about how she can't read all the time. Of course she probably won't be able to do math or something like that but damn it, at least she'll be able to read.

After that, we had my extended family Christmas dinner. Usually we have it at my parents house but with Mom's foot being messed up still, she didn't want to clean and cook and whatnot so we had it at Ryan's instead. Everyone got to eat exactly what they wanted and then we got presents.

MT got new underwear (that she asked for specifically) princess dominoes, a princess story book and a whole boat load of new dresses. TB got a small set of Magnetix, a gift card to Walmart, and $50 in cash (which goes towards his wish of a thousand in cash that he asked for from Santa). RF and I got our Xmas money and now I'm trying to figure out how to spend mine.

Do I be responsible and buy some things we need (nothing major, just some clothes and things for me and the kids) or do I be totally friviolous and buy a Wii fit and Raving Rabbids, if I can afford both. The Wii Fit is $100+ by itself but I'm looking on eBay to see if I can get it cheaper, in which case I can get the game too. Otherwise, I have to wait until my birthday to get the game. In reality, I just want the balance board because I don't care much about the Wii Fit (it would be fun for a while but doesn't seem to have staying power) which I why I turned to eBay in the first place. I hoped to find just the board but it doesn't seem that anyone is selling that right now.


Quigs78 said...

Ooooh! If you get the board and/or Fit, I'm so coming over after the kids go to bed so I can play with you! :P

abyss said...

only as long as N can stay at home online and play games with me at the same time.