Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I was reading Mommy Track'd which is mostly for working moms but there is plenty of stuff that is just funny and entertaining for me. On it, they have a section about worst mom moments. In it I found the following:

"An evening board meeting was just getting started when my cell phone rang, seeing it was my husband, I silenced it and turned the phone off. I was pissed he called at 6:05, knowing the meeting started at 6. He had to leave a message to tell me my 3 month old first-born son had fallen off the couch onto his head, which I didn't pick up until 2 hours later. (ps. In the end my son was fine.)"

First let me comment that most of the posts where so poorly written, they were barely in English so I didn't find much of anything I could identify with but this one just boggled my mind.

I suppose my reaction to this is part of the reason I'm no longer in the work force. Everyone talks about balance but I never got that. My kids were more important than anything and they came first, period. If my husband was with the kids and he called, I would have either taken the call, thus being able to be there for the trip to the hospital or I would have checked my voicemail as soon as it was left, thus beng there for the hospital trip. Either way, work would have had to wait, the building wouldn't fall down because I left.

I've always felt that way about work/family issues. And I've always pondered whether that stemmed from having a "job" versus having a "career". When I worked full time, I was a receptionist. Not a real long term job that I intended to advance in so I had no real incentive to please people.

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Lavender Lemonade said...

I love reading the Three Martini Complaint Department section of Mommy Track'd, its hilarious.