Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The eyes have it, details

So basically TB has an astigmatism that makes him both near sighted and far sighted. So he is squinting trying to see the board and trying to read anything close up and that is giving him headaches. It isn't a very bad one so he only needs glasses for any eye work type things. He doesn't need them for playing or running around or anything, which should help with the "keeping them intact" issues. Of course, them we have the "he doesn't have to wear them all the time so he can't find them" issues but whatever.

Part of my grouchy mood today was dealing with both the monsters at the eye doctor. They were being terrible, wrestling, fighting, arguing etc. I was seriously ready to leave them there by the time we were done. Plus, the exam and waiting took forever. Our appointment was at 9:20 and we didn't get done until after 10:30.

The other part was dealing with the insurance. The kids have AllKids, which is great for most stuff but dental and vision sucks. When I had to try and get TB a dental exam, they told me the only participating dentist was in Peoria! Really? I'm so not driving almost 2 hours to have his teeth looked at when he just had them cleaned but you people say that wasn't good enough. Vision is a bit better but still a PITA. First, I called the referral place and was told Jones Optical. I called them yesterday and they said they didn't book new patients, that I had to call Public Health and get them to make a referral. So I called PH and was told they don't do referrals to Jones but they do to Chittick. Fine, as long as they take my insurance. They did so it was fine. Then after we did the exam today, I was told that my insurance doesn't cover actually getting the glasses!!! WTF? The guy told me I would have to call Public Health again and they would fill the prescription for me. So I called and got a voicemail. She called me back and left a message telling me to keep calling until I talked to a live person. Eventually, I got ahold of her and was told that we have to wait until Dec 22 to get in to get fitted for the glasses. Again I say, really? Hopefully, that will get moved up if she manages to get out of jury duty but still, 20 days of knowing that he needs glasses and not being able to get them. I'm also concerned that the frames will end up being ugly and not something he'll want to wear. My hope is that they have at least a few styles to chose from so he can pick something that looks ok. He was really excited when he saw the green frames they had at Chittick and was pretty ticked when he found out he couldn't have them.

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Quigs78 said...

Sorry I couldn't help today and watch MT - any other day this week would've been fine. :(

Kanye and Jay-Z are bringing back the nerdy look with the black plastic frames. TB should get those!