Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I need speaker of other languages

Specifically Korean and Spanish. We were discussing at PTA last, translating things to other languages commonly spoken at our school. Spanish and Korean are our 2 biggies and we have someone that can translate to Spanish but there is an issue with the ESL teacher translating, off the clock, for us (I don't know precisely what it is but it had to do with contract and teacher unions and things). We were discussing using the Google translator or Bablefish to translate letters for non-English speaking parents. The issue is, we don't know how correct these translators are. So if I post some text, would someone who speaks the language, tell me what they say?

Bablefish Spanish

Estimados padres, Tendremos nuestra celebración de días festivos después del programa del día de fiesta el viernes 19 de diciembre. El comienzo del programa en 9 y el partido correcto después. Firme por favor para arriba abajo para los artículos para nuestro partido. Gracias

Google Spanish

Queridos padres,
Vamos a tener nuestra fiesta después de que el programa feriado el viernes 19 de diciembre. El programa comienza a las 9 am y el partido será justo después.

Por favor, firme a continuación para los temas de nuestro partido.


Apparently, I don't have a Korean language pack installed on my computer so I can't really translate to it. All I get are little boxes. :(

Anyway, help would be appreciated :)


Misc said...

You might want to ask at First Presbyterian Church in Urbana. They have a Korean church and might be able to steer you in the right direction.

Also, I have a friend who teaches Spanish at Parkland. I can put you in touch with her, if you like.

Deirdre said...

As a parent on the other side of the language issue, any effort at all to put notes home in my language are greatly appreciated! Through my translating the past several months, I have switched from Babelfish to Google. Google seems to do much better translating grammer (like putting the words in the right order for the right language). It's certainly not perfect, but as long as it's close, your parents will probably understand. I know I happily ignore any english grammer mistakes if someone makes the effort to help me understand using a few english words. I hope that helps!

Gamera said...

The first one seems a little convoluted.

1. Dear parents, we will have our holiday party after the holiday
program Friday, December 19. The program begins at 9 and party immediately after. Sign please in order to *head to toe*? for things for our party. Thanks.

2. Dear parents, We are having our party after the holiday program Friday December 19. The program begins at 9am and the party is just after.

Please, *sign up for the theme*? of our party.

This is rough and it's been a long time since I translated so I'm not up on slang (like "get a move on") but I think the second one is clearer and more accurate.

Mama2SweetBabyJames said...

The Babelfish translation is terrible. The Google translation seems closer to what you are actually trying to say.

The Fearless Freak said...

I figured the Babelfish would be bad after I played with it and translated it from English to Spanish and then back again and even though I wrote the paragraph, I could barely tell what it meant.

Thanks to all who confirmed that Google is the way to go (really, when isn't it though) if we go forward with this plan:)