Saturday, December 27, 2008

They say that a hero will save us

While doing some after Christmas shopping last night, RF bought me Guitar Hero for birthmas (my b-day is in Feb so I often ask for, and get, larger presents because people will combine them and that is fine with me). Plus, I bought Wii Fit and Raving Rabbids TV Party on eBay that I just have to wait to have shipped. So we will have a rock star style party at my house one of these days :)

Additionally, Christmas was good at our house. MT got a Batman shirt and a pink DS from Santa (the only things she asked for). TB got a new computer and a remote control car from Santa. They both got a Chia Pet, which we are waiting to grow now. MT got some wedgits, which I confess I thought had limited play option but she loves them, and TB got new Magnetix. the kids both got some new clothes and we got MT some games for her DS.

I got my curling iron and RF got some new pajama pants to replace his 10 year old pair that finally fell apart.

Today, I'm going to go shopping and see if I can find a new pair of boots and some leggings for MT. It is 2 days after Christmas and they already have bathing suits out in stores. Do they not understand that people still need cold weather apprioriate clothing for kids? Hopefully, I'll get some deal with the after Christmas sales :)

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