Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dive on in

Busy weekend. We went swimming yesterday and C FINALLY got the mechanics of divings down. He has been swimming for a long time and going off the diving board since he was 3 but he couldn't seem to figure out diving. I finally got him on the edge of the pool and I would hold his legs so he couldn't bend his knees. Once he got comfortable going in on his head, I had him try it on his own. Every single time, he would bend and bend and bend and then bend his knees at the last second and fall on his face. Finally, I told him to keep his eyes open and watch his knees while I held them. Once he saw how they were supposed to be, he did fine. He can't quite get it off the diving board but we will keep practicing off the side and he'll get it.

Today we went to the free movie. It was the Bee Movie, which C and I have already seen. Lizzie has been asking and begging and to go to see and lasted about 20 minutes :( Then it was intermission and she could get up. 15 minutes into the second half, she was over it. If we had thought she would do so poorly, we would have taken to cars. As it was, I got to sit on my lap and be quite for awhile and then the movie was almost over and it was kind of action-y so she stayed for the whole thing.

After that, we brought mom and Liz home and I put her down for her nap. Then C and I went skating to try out my new skates. They worked way better than I expected since they were super SLICK when I tried them out here at home. They slide a little on fast turns, so racing is out for the time being but honestly, I don't generally skate that fast so it wasn't an issue. C did not do well at racing. He got wiped out in the first turn and everyone passed him :( He wasn't even going to finish but he decided to give it a go anyway. Sadly, no line game so no free passes but we had fun.

Mom brought Lizzie out and met us at 4 and we went to Dana's for our playgroups potluck/clothing swap. WAY too much food as always. I managed to get rid of 2 grocery bags full of clothes plus a large garbage bag full of clothes and gear. I actually have a very small amount of cabinet space again! There was probably 3 times the amount of clothes as at our last clothes swap. I think everybody left with something, me included who fully intended not to bring anything home. C is the oldest regular participant in the group and Lizzie may not be the oldest, but is certainly one of the biggest girls. However, someone had some sparkly red shoes in her size and C found a bear that he liked so they each got something.

Now, I'm tired and I'm going to get ready for bed and lay on the couch and read until bedtime :)

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