Friday, April 25, 2008

The good and the bad

First the good. We met Missy and her kids at the park today. The boys totally hit it off and before we ever pulled away from the curb, C was asking when we could see them again. Flynn wasn't quite so sure about Lizzie. I think her reputation precedes her LOL. Missy was great. Lots of fun to talk to and hang out with :)

Now on to the bad. I've posted before about C's "friend" J and how is just mean to C all the time. It started when C wanted to play his games all the time and J didn't like that so he quit playing with him. We told C that he can't force to play with him and gave him his options which were A)play by yourself B)play what the kids you want to play with are playing C)find someone else to play with that will play what you want. Despite my encouraging otherwise (I lean toward option C, myself) he decided to start playing what the other kids were playing. They still refused to play with him or sit with him at lunch or interact with him in anyway that didn't involve running from him and screaming that they didn't want to play with him. For after school, C found some other kids that he enjoyed playing with and things seemed to be ok for awhile. Then they went all to hell again. J has been just lfat out mean to C for the last week and I'm completely fed up with it. If C did that to someone and I knew about it, he would be in so much trouble he wouldn't even be able to believe it. His mom doesn't act like that so I just don't understand what is going on and why she isn't doing something more about it.

Well today, C was hanging on the monkey bar thing they were all (2 or 3 other kids beside those 2) climbing on and said something (no idea what since I was too far away to hear) to J and J screamed at him "leave me alone, I hate you!" and then grabbed him and started pulling on him. We left, C in tears, and I guess they left too. I have FREAKING had it. When we got in the car, I told him in no uncertain terms he is not allowed to play with J anymore, at all. If that means that we don't stay and play in the afternoons, then so be it. I also don't want them playing together at school anymore. I hate to be this way, but I told C if I caught them playing together anymore, he would get in trouble. He CAN NOT allow himself to be treated like that. I simply won't stand for it. I told him that if J wants to play anything that C is playing, C is to tell him that he isn't allowed to play with him anymore because he is mean and rude and that C doesn't need friends like that. I also told him that if Josh grabs him anymore that he should scream as loud as he can "get away from me, don't touch me" and then he has my permission to hit him. Then he can have the VP call me and I'll explain to him that I gave him permission to do it. I've already emailed their teacher and the VP about the situation but I don't want him in a lot of trouble for doing what his mom (the ultimate authority in his universe) told him to do.

Hopefully, he'll actually listen and J will get the picture.

In other good news, dh picked his schedule for work and he gets Sundays off all summer. He hasn't had a regular weekend day off since before Lizzie was born.


Misc said...

We had a blast at the park too. Evan wants to invite C over sometime, so we'll have to get them together soon.

Flynn did like Lizzie, she just didn't show it. When Evan asked if C could come over, Flynn piped up, "And his sister." She just takes her time to warm up to people.

It seems like C's frenemy is just this side of bullying - something that should be made aware to their teacher right away because if it continues to escalate it could get ugly (uglier?) real fast. If the teacher does not respond, I'd let the principal and VP know what's going on. This simply isn't a friendship's growing pains (Evan's had to deal with that as well). It seems like J has some other things going on and is taking it out on C, poor kiddo. I'm glad C has found other kids to play with and he shouldn't feel bad. He's a great kid. I think you were on the money boosting his self-esteem. Maybe the tae kwondo lessons will pay off. :-)

Looseyfur said...

Sorry to hear that C's classmate is getting him down. C is an awesome kid, and you're right, he shouldn't have to have that kind of conflict in his face every day. Particularly from someone he thought was his friend. I'm also apologizing up front that the ice cream people were crazy rude. How terrible! I mean, they're ice cream people... how can they be crabby? Isn't that against the job description?