Monday, April 7, 2008

Music and other funny kid things

My children have some interesting tastes in music. Lizzie likes
Cotton Eyed Joe and
The Train Song.
Recently, she has started telling me "I wanna be a
Rock Star"

Christopher has an MP3 player and was asking me to load songs on it for him. He asked for that song "about closing in 3 weeks"
and the "one about writing you a love song"

We were at Meijer today and Lizzie wanted to see the fish. She walks over to them and bends down to look them. Suddenly she lifts her hands up in claws and roars at the fishies. They didn't do anything so she tried again and they still didn't respond. She looked at them and sort of tipped her head to one side and said "hm, these must not have ears" and tried another couple of tanks. Then, when none of the fishies did anything, she turned to me and said "I don't like these fish, let's go" LOL

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Hummie said... the way you did this post with the videos in funny!