Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Are you white?

White people are under a lot of pressure to like cooking. Everything in their culture tells them that they need to have a nice kitchen and that they need to cook with organic, fresh ingredients to make delicious, complicated food.

Though any great chef can prepare fantastic meals with a knife and a few pots, white people believe that they need a full cadre of appliances and gadgets in their kitchen in order to live up to the pressure.

Kitchen Gadets

They also have one about tea (which I'm almost out of and need to order some more (David, are you in?), Apple products (not me, dh), irony, etc. Apparently, I am not as white as I thought I was because I'm not into most of the things they say white people like :)


Misc said...

I love to cook and I love my Kitchen Aid stand mixer (received as a wedding shower gift from my MIL). I love going and browsing through the kitchen section at TJ Maxx.

That post is hilarious, though.

Ros said...

Don't you just love this blog?! It cracks me up. The other day at work some kid referred to me as white, and without thinking I snapped, "Who you callin' white? I'm light-skinned!" This blog reminds me why I said that.