Thursday, May 1, 2008

Doing the happy

In a change from the grumpy grumpies of the past week, I have a happy post.

First up, we figured out a work around for the scouting issue. There are 4-H groups in town and they have groups for kids starting at 5! We are going to our first meeting May 10th so YAY! Daddy is still taking C to the scout open house and he might end up doing both but being a former 4-Her myself, I'm way more inclined to lean in that direction. There are just so many options that have nothing to do with camping (I HATE camping) and when they do camp, it is in cabins, which still sucks but way less than being in a tent.

Next, I was griping about my "economic stimulus" rebate not being here yet because I seriously want to stimulate the economy in the worst way. I was also missing about $800 from my refund because a form didn't get sent in. I figure we won't get the rebate direct deposited because of the error on our return. We called and found out that they had processed the rest of our refund and are sending it and it should be here in 2-3 weeks, probably closer to 2. YAY!! That means I will have some money to take on vacation with us which is super! Then when I get the rebate, I can pay off my student loan and free up a little more money. Hooray!!

Next up, I toured the preschool that I think we are going to send Lizzie to. It was a little chaotic and kind of crowded, but she seemed to LOVE it. It is at the local high school and it has a head teacher and a bunch of high school students working with the kids. It ends up being 1 or 2 big kids to each little kid so there is a ton of supervision (although, while I observed, I could definately tell who was there for easy credits and who really wanted to work with kids). the first words out of the teacher's mouth were "I don't believe in paper and pencil preschool. Kids this age need to play" and I nearly hugged her! That is so nice to hear. She told me that they go through May 22nd and if Lizzie wants to join them for the next couple of weeks, she can. I'm seriously thinking about doing it. That way, I can see if she likes it and if she does, she will have something to look forward to in the fall. Plus having a few hours a week to do things would be SUPER!

If she does that, I'm having dh join the gym at work and I'm going to get serious about getting in shape since I would be able to run over there for an hour while she is in school and still have time to shower and pick her up before lunch. The only problem is going to be having such a late nap. I'll have to have food in the car for her when I pick her so she can eat on the way home and still get down at a reasonable time.

Finally, I had a dream the other night that K and Looseyfur and I were all in high school together. It was a pretty standard "teen comedy" scenerio where we got up to all kinds of hi-jinks before learning some valuable lesson in the end. Nevermind the fact that we are fairly different ages and wouldn't have been in school at the same time, even if we were from the same place :)


quigs78 said...

Yay for good news! Look at you with all of your happy endings - that's awesome. :)

I lol'ed at your dream - but how old do you think I am??

See you tomorrow - I'll try not to be too much of a biyatch.

Mom said...

Like 31 or 32 (at least I hope you are since if you aren't that will completely ruin my track record of friends that are older LOL)and I think D is closer to 34 or 35, but I'm only 28 so while you might have been in school at the same time as us (at various times of course), we likely wouldn't have been friends.

quigs78 said...

You're about to lose some of your friends if you keep guessing ages like that! I'm 29...D just turned 32 in Feb. Lawdy, I must need Botox.

Mom said...

Seriously? You gys are wise beyond your year then. All that knowledge in your big ol' brains make you seem older than you are :)

quigs78 said...

LOL Nice save!

Looseyfur said...

I guess that makes me the Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!
And in line for the botox first... :-P

I'm thrilled to hear that you found a spot for Lizzie that she's excited about. I'm about to go uber unemployed... and am thinking about doing the whole healthy/fitness thing too.

Just gotta finish this semester before I can see past it. And as for hijinks... I'm in!

abyss said...

REALLY!!! I cannot believe that ANY of you LOVELY ladies is as much as a day over 22. I was going to ask Carrie why she joined the teen moms meetup.


lbotp said...

What high school has a preschool? I did that class when I was in high school, it was really fun.

Mom said...

Centennial. Actually all the high schools have them but we are doing their's since it is closest to our house.