Friday, May 23, 2008

Have you heard the good news?

We had our bus tour field trip this morning. It was pretty cold in the garage but it was fun. The kids LOVED the trip through the bus wash. Next time I schedule a meetup, I will be sure to stress how important it is to be on time. We had several people show up way late, missing seeing the buses completely and only getting to tour the parts storage and ride through the bus wash. The tour guide took them back through at the end, which is way nicer than I would have been. Non-Punctuality is my biggest pet peeve in the entire world. I'm so serious about it that Radioactive Freak nearly missed our first date because he was 5 MINUTES late. At the stroke of 6, I was walking out the door. It was only the other people that were riding with us that convinced me to give him just a couple of minutes in case he couldn't find parking around my apartment, or something.

We went to McD's tonight for dinner. Sadly, no one could join us but they all had legit excuses so I'm ok with it. :)

Also, Missy sent me a CD earlier this week with some workout music on it. I finally got a chance to listen to a lot of it and it is awesome. It has the Jimmy Neutron theme song on it and as soon as it came on, The Boy perked up from the back seat and said "you are such a nerd, mom!" LOL It also has "Super Rad" by the Aquabats, which is a good song. That song let me to find
Idiot Box which is quite possibly one of the most awesome songs EVAR!

Finally, I'm happy to report that although the listening hasn't improved, the hitting has gotten much better. We have input a policy of "you hit, you sit" (which even rhymes because I am that freakinig awesome). It doesn't matter who hits, for what reason, or who they hit, they serve a time out EVERY SINGLE TIME it happens. The first day, they spent quite a bit of time in time out. The second day, Ms. Thang got one and The Boy had two or three for hitting other people. Today (day 4), TB had none and MT only had one. I'm totally and completely thrilled with this turn of events. If it keeps working, I'm seriously thinking about using it for the listening issues we are having. That one doesn't rhyme so I'll have to come up with something snappy to use if I decide to do it :)

My class reunion is supposed to be tomorrow. I decided not to go because I can't justify spending that amoutn of gas money on something I didn't want to do in the first place. If it was something I desperately wanted to do, that would be a different story but it isn't. I told my friend April that if anyone is that she thinks I would give half a crap about talking to (the reason that I waffled about going was the very off chance that the one or two people I didn't keep in touch that I would like to talk to would be there) she should give them my email address and left it at that.


Quigs78 said...

If you tune out, it's time out. Do as I say or you're gonna pay. Okay, it's late and we've had a long day, so that's the best I can do. But yay that you found something that works! I'll probably steal it in a year. ;)

And remind me to save my $15 copay and just email Dr. Freak next time my kids get sick.

The Fearless Freak said...

Oh, I like "do I say or you're gonna pay" I also thought about "no repeat unless you want beat" but thought that sounded kind of harsh since the real punishment is only a time out.

Besides, if I said that in public, you know everybody and their brother would calling the people!

Misc said...

So happy you liked the disc. I love the Aquabats - they are super awesome!

Wish we could've joined you at McD's.

Glad you found something that works for The Boy.