Friday, May 30, 2008


We made it to the hotel tonight. We ran into some CRAZY bad rain in Bloomington. It was raining so hard that I couldn't see anything for a little bit. I finally had to pull over and wait for it to ligthen up a bit because it was just too dangerous. Then, on 39 just south of the WI line, we hit it again but it wasn't quite as bad. We were able to keep driving and drove out of it pretty quick. Radioactive Freak, my Dad and my brother all reported that the weather back home pretty much sucked so it sounds like we got lucky.

We stopped in Madison for dinner at Red Robin. That was sort of a pain. We got our table and because the kids had basically been sitting for 4 hours (we did stop at a rest area and let them play outside of Rockford but only for about 10 minutes), we took them up front to play games while we waited for our food. We left our drinks on the table and I left my sparkly head band that I got for Mother's day because it was pinching my head. Mom went to check and see if our food was there yet, only to find out that some idiot had cleared the table, complete with my headband. It took some wrangling around but they finally found it, in the dish bin, covered in ketchup from other people's tables! :( The manager washed it for me and I'm waiting for it to dry to see if it holds up ok. I would be very sad if it didn't :( In exchange for the hassle, they gave us 4 free bottles of REd Robin seasoning (if you have ever eaten at my house, you have eaten REd Robin seasoning because I put it on nearly everything) and $10 Robin Bucks.

We got into the hotel and the kids played in the pool for awhile. Lizzie asked to get out (she napped about 30 minutes in the car) and now she is laying in bed, watching her Arthur movie and trying not to fall asleep. I'm getting ready to watch my show and then go to bed myself. Tomorrow, it is on to Minnesota.


abyss said...

Most restraunts you cannot get them to clear a table in order for people to sit. Oh well, at least it was not my favorite Pirate Head band. Miss you guys already and cannot wait to see you again soon.

Love you

Quigs78 said...

We LOVE Red Robin and miss it terribly (we used to go at least 3x a month, and the husband cries when he sees commercials), so it makes me very sad that you had a bad experience.

But have a super safe drive to MN tomorrow!

(Do you want me to go to Meijer to see if I can find another sparkly headband?)

The Fearless Freak said...

You are so sweet to offer but I checked it this morning and I think it will be ok. My main hope was that the band inside was plastic and not cardboard (it was a REALLY cheap headband so I wasn't sure) and it seems that it was plastic, thus not destroyed by the water. :)

And I still love Red Robin. Who can say no to unlimited fires? And their commercials are the best! As soon as we walked in, Lizzie started saying "Monkey wants my burger" LOL

Mommy Schiff said...

I've never been to a Red Robin before but I'll be sure not to leave anything on tables to make sure it doesn't get picked up =) I'm glad to hear your headband survived!