Thursday, May 15, 2008

Party time

Ms Thang had her 3rd b-day celebration with the playgroup today. We were supposed to have it at my house but at 10, when the wather was saying 50% chance of rain and only a high of 61, I moved it to FCC Boy am I glad I did since it was pouring rain when we got there. Looseyfur, X-man, MacTroll,Quigs, PG and Bubba among other members of our playgroup joined us. It was super fun. Quigs brought MT baby puffs which cracks me up and Looseyfur brought her some balloons (which being the bad mom I am, I totally forgot to order the theme balloons for her b-day) with Dora and Deigo on them. I'm chosing to ignore the fact that I said no one needed to bring her anything since they are just too sweet to chastise about it LOL

When FCC closed, MacTroll mentioned that they were going to Jupiter's II for dinner and we all decided to tag along. I have to say I wasn't impressed. We had a party of 10 which I know is huge but as we were leaving they pushed together like 10 tables for a crazy big party so we weren't the worst of the night. Anyway, my review of Jupiters is basically that the food is over priced ($13.99 for a medium pizza) and the wait is insanely bad. We waited an hour for 3 pizzas and an order of cheese bread. Seriously? There is no call for a wait that long at 5 when they really weren't all that busy. Obviously, the wait is a marketing ploy because they have a huge game complex downstairs. They figure if you have to wait an hour for a pizza, you will drop an additional 50 bucks on games to kill time.

After we sat there for awhile, MacTroll and I took the kids big enough to go (PG was obviously too little to tag along) to look at some of the games upstairs so they weren't completely freaking out. Finally the food came and we managed to stuff food in their faces before bolting because they had all had it by then.

Tomorrow is MT's actual b-day. We will do presents with Daddy after The Boy gets out of school (early dismissal) and then presents with Nonni and Paw-Paw at McDonald's for dinner. Yes, we eat fast food far too often but it is her favorite meal and the birthday person gets to pick where we eat on his or her birthday. Then she wants to go to the pool so that is how we are spending her birthday :)


Quigs78 said...

You forgot to mention the waitress who clapped at us and said "Yay!" like we were four - she must've still been in daycare mode.

Misc said...

Happy 3rd Birthday, Miss Thang!