Monday, May 12, 2008


I tried to get everybody to go eat at LJS with me tonight and I got dissed by one and all. Including Ms. Quigs and her brood, who eat a very late lunch and can't do dinner at 4:30 like us. My kids were the only ones that wanted to go with me and they were being animals. I decided to go to the bank and check my balance just in case and it turned out to be a good thing that everyone didn't want to go. Instead of the amount I thought I had, I actually only had 1/6th of that, which wasn't enough to go eat with. I came home and made tacos instead. They were good but not really what I wanted. Despite eating 7 tacos, I'm hungry. I don't think I'm really hungry, I think I'm bored but ice cream cures boredom as well finding something to do. :) I'm trying to decide if I can justify having ice cream twice in the same day since I had some for lunch too. I think I can probably talk myself into it, when I switch from teen soap opera on DVD (first season of One Tree Hill) to trashy reality TV (Ms. Rap Supreme on VH1).

Next post is 200. If I hold off posting for a few days, don't mind me. I want to post something decent for my 200th post insead of this update-y stuff I usually post:)


Looseyfur said...

Dude, I'm so sorry. I didn't realize when you told me that you guys were going to LJS while we were eating that it was an invite.

MacTroll and I had gone out to lunch at Pekara, and we ordered Chinese the night before, so we'd already used up our two budgeted slots to eat out this week.

We're excited about seeing Lizzie on Thursday for her birthday playdate. Do you need us to bring anything?

Mom said...

No worries. I didn't figure you guys would be able to go since you had "dat loud doggy" at the garden with you guys. I'm not sure he would have appreciated a trip to LJS :)

No need to bring anything. Just hope for good weather :)

Ros said...

LJS = Long John Silver's? I LOVE that place, and there only used to be two within an hour's drive -- one was in a ghetto mall known for indoor shootings.

Quigs78 said...

Sorry, chica. I'm thinking maybe I should move lunch to before naptime since we eat so late, but that seems like a major life-changing event right now. Maybe we should just meet for bfast instead. :)

Mom said...

See you at 7am then :) Honestly, our dinner time usually meshes with your lunch quite well. Just those days that we actually have something to do that you guys eat before you go.

Our times will change once school is over (which I so can't wait for) because I won't be getting up at 6 am anymore. We'll sleep in and have breakfast around the time that we normally eat lunch (which is stupidly early at 10:30) and just push everything else back too :)