Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Preschool and Mother's day

Lizzie started preschool today. It went well. She didn't cry when I left but she did cry when I picked her up and told me she had missed me. She is interested in going again tomorrow but whether will be another none event remains to be seen. I had 3 whole hours to myself this morning and didn't know how to fill the time. I ran all over town, running errands. I had to get new shorts (sadly, I couldn't find the ones I really wanted but I got something that will work), had to go to the meat store, had to get my fitness center pass, had to get my bus pass renewed (because I ride the bus so freaking much but I like to have it in case I want to ride the bus for whatever reason), had to do some mother's day shopping (my mom wanted plants for mother's day so I went and bought them). Tomorrow is an early out so I won't be doing much of anything. Just hanging around, killing time until the kids get out of school. Thursday will be getting pool passes and then going to work out.

My kids bought my Mother's day present over the weekend. I wanted some super wide headbands and couldn't find any. I finally found some at "Baubles" at the mall. C picked out a plain one that has some shiny fabric on it and Lizzie picked out one of the scarf headbands with black fabric with white skull and crossbones on it. I can't wait to wear them and they so reflect the personality of the child who picked them out. C's was $1, Lizzie was $2.75 :)

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