Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial day

Pretty easy day. We tried to sleep in, although the kids were having none of that noise. Then we tried to make biscuits and gravy which was kind of a mess. The biscuits turned out ok, but we had the proportions wrong on the gravy so it never did thicken quite right. We ended up scrapping it and starting over and it came out much better the second time around. :)

By then it was nap time (we ate really late and nap pretty early). When Ms Thang got up, she layed around with my mom for awhile then it was time to get ready to leave. We went to Looseyfur's for a cookout with Libbygirl and her family. Quigs and her family was supposed to be there but Bubba was sick so they couldn't make it. We had a great time. MacTroll and Radioactive Freak spent some time being manly and grilling meat while Looseyfur and I played with the kids. Thanks to MacTroll for cooking the meat done for me, most people won't :) The food was fantastic and plentiful, the kids had a wonderful time playing, the adults had a grand time chatting and eating. We ended up staying way past bedtime but the kids were having a good time and actually behaving. It was the first time in a long time that I haven't left somewhere swearing that I would never be back because of my kids. I was highly impressed! :) Ms Thang was pretty upset when we left. She was crying (X-Man pulled her hair just as we were leaving) and RF said "I know you are tired and it hurt to have your hair pulled, but you need to settle down" She said "I'm not tired, I want Looseyfur" LOL

We brought them home, did the 10 second bath (I didn't even have them sit in the water I just poured water on them, soaped them up and rinsed LOL) then put them to bed. I'm there shortly, as soon as this last episode of One Tree Hill is over.


libbygirl said...

we had a lot of fun too. I can't believe that we all stayed so long and none of the kids left with any injuries, just a few tears.

Quigs78 said...

I'm SO bummed that we missed it. But I'm glad that everyone had a fab time!

But I think I'm even more bummed that I haven't seen MT lately and looseyfur is going to be her new fave. ;)

Looseyfur said...

X-man didn't fall asleep until 8:45 p.m.! Maybe that means he'll sleep past the butt crack of down tomorrow?

(Yeah, I'm not holding my breath either!) We did have a really nice time though. And the weather ended up being perfect around 6:30 p.m. And I'm glad we didn't mow... made it softer for toddlers falling over!