Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nothing new

So Tuesday started our bus riding adventure. We took it to school, then I took it to work out, then to school again in the afternoon, then to PTA last night. Not bad, except it takes me over an hour to get to Urbana and back. The upshot of that is that I get to spend over an hour reading. The additional downside is that I get motion sickness so I had to be careful while I was reading.

Today, we took the bus to school but we weren't able to take it to get get The Boy in the afternoon because Ms Thang slept too long. This morning, we went to Touch a Truck. As always it was crazy busy with every pre-school and daycare in town visiting. MT was freaked at all the honking horns and asked to leave pretty soon after we got there. We got there early and she really liked having the bounce house to herself. She also really liked being first in line for the ice cream. Other than that, she was wholly unimpressed.

This afternoon, we met up with Quigs and crew at the park. It was a beautiful day and the kids had lots of fun. Bubba followed Ms Thang around the park, swinging when she was, sliding when she did, even sitting while she served a time out. Pretty Girl loved her some wood chips, much to Quigs' disgust :)

Tonight, we had book club. Our book this month was Good in Bed Not exactly my style. It was chick lit, heavy on the chick. There wasn't a lot to discuss about it so the discussion turned to other topics. Which started out in the gutter and only went down hill from there! It was super fun (and educational on some fronts LOL) and I will definately go next time and I might even attempt the book after, which looks a smidge (or more) boring. But for that conversation, I will risk it. Now, if we can just talk Quigs in to thaving that party, we will be good to go ROFL

Ms Thang has her 3 year check up tomorrow. We are supposed to have a garden day but I don't think I'm going (maybe I'll go and leave RF and the kids at home). Garden days always end badly for us. The kids want nothing to do with gardening (which is hard boring work so I don't blame them) and end up wanting to play in the tree or the snake-y tall grass. I end up yelling and threatening and then The Boy cries the whole way home because we couldn't go to the park. No fun for anyone.


Quigs78 said...

I am so not having that party! I'm going to end up being the perv of the group and no one is going to want to go to meetups with me!

I'm glad you went tonight - next time you're driving so I can drink. :)

The Fearless Freak said...

Will do. And we heard all your bad girl stories at that scrapbooking night so we all know you are a freak. If I ever thought I would use any of that stuff (reference our discussion on the way home), I would totally have it. I just have no use for the free products :)

Quigs78 said...

LOL Exactly! And it's really not something I need in my house. I can see Bubba playing on the train table with the new "train" he found in my room! ;)

abyss said...

I am SURE that I dont even want to know.