Thursday, May 8, 2008

Issues issues everywhere

and every one stinks :(

I'm having some mis-givings about preschool. Not about the concept but about this particular program. Yesterday, when I dropped Lizzie off, she was crying and upset and finally I just had to leave her that way. One of the teachers picked her up and was trying to cuddle her and distract her and whatever (exactly what she should have been doing) when another one yelled at her "put her down, quit babying her. If you do that everytime she cries she'll never quit" Excuse me, pick the freaking crying kid up for Pete's sake. Then she came home yesterday afternoon with poop in her underwear where she didn't get wiped well. She is 3 (not even) and can't wipe herself. She tries but generally makes a bigger mess than anything else. She has pretty sensitive skin (she couldn't use disposable wipes when she was a baby because of it) and not getting wiped causes big problems. Today, she told me that one of the teachers told her to quit being a baby, which irks me beyond belief.

We got her hair cut today too. It was shaggy and not looking good. My mom asked her if she wanted it cut and she said yes and then changed her mind. I told her we would get it cleaned up but not really cut. The thing I wanted cut was the sides and the bangs more than anything else (although I wanted some of the tangly curls cut off in the back too). I kept telling the lady to cut the sides shorter shorter shorter and she was cutting it by tiny little fractions and Lizzie finally got tired of sitting there and I said it was fine, even though I wasn't happy with it. So I brought her home and tried to fix it myself. The left side it great. It is short, it tapers back, it is exactly like I want. The right side is a different story. I got a little crazy and cut it too short and too far back. Now it looks a little mullet-y on that side :( Evan wants me to make both sides look like that and I just can't do it because the left looks so cute. It will grow and it will be fine. Every kids needs to have a TERRIBLE hair cut at least once in their lives. Might as well do it to her while she is young instead of old enough to know that it looks bad. I'm just irritated that I spent $15 on a haircut that was cute, if not what I wanted and then botched it when I got home. I should have tried it first and then if it didn't work out, paid to have it fixed, instead of the other way around. :(

Finally, I need to get the heck out of this house. I posted a message to the playgroup (K, D? Wanna join me?) that I wanted to have some Mom time and I'm hoping a few people with join me. Other wise, I'll go and eat chocolate chip scones and drink coffee and read my book all alone.


Looseyfur said...

I so wish I could go... but I've got the X-man for 24 more hours to myself. I miss you guys (even though I just saw you on Sunday). Weird how normal playgroup activities makes 5 days feel like forever!

I am also sorry to hear that pre-school teachers are getting mixed reviews. Besides the poop and the separation anxiety, is she liking it otherwise?

Misc said...

I would find a new preschool pronto. If the teachers can't agree on a philosophy and if they aren't taking care of Lizzie as well as you feel they should, go somewhere else.

Our preschool is fantastic (and I'm not just saying that because I'm the board president). Let me know if you want more info.

Have a Happy Mother's Day!