Thursday, May 15, 2008

Deal breaker?

On the radio this morning, they were asking people if the ring could be a deal breaker in a proposal. Apparently for Carmen Electra, her ring is a deal breaker. She is upset that her fiance bought it from a website and ONLY paid $2000 for it.

Most people said that it wasn't an issue for them and I have to agree. Dh and I had been dating for a couple of months and I told him I wanted something "round and shiny" for Valentine's day (I was mostly joking, but that's ok). We both worked for a local hobby company at the time and when I got to work that afternoon (he worked days and I worked nights), there was a ring box sitting on my keyboard. When I opened it, I found a bearing for an R/C car inside. It WAS round and shiny LOL Then he told me that he would buy me a ring but it had to cost under $100. We went to K's that weekend and picked one out. My whole wedding set cost less than $200! That sort of set the tone for our whole wedding which we pulled off (including the dress, rings, everything except my engagement ring for) for about $1100.

P.S. Quig's sister said that with all the nicknames floating around (Pretty Girl, Bubba, Looseyfur, X-Man and MacTroll) that she felt like she was reading some super hero blog. I want to be part of the super hero revolution so hence forth my kids will be known as Miss Thang (MT) and The Boy (TB) because those are awesome names! LOL


Quigs78 said...

Love the names! But, for posterity's sake, it was my BF that made the superhero comment, not my sister. I love my sister dearly, but she would never reduce herself to commenting on a blog. :)

Looseyfur said...

Um, I'm supposed to have rings?

Shit. I thought there was a choice, so I opted out for a cooler honeymoon.

I guess Carmen Electra and I don't have enough in common to be best buds. My life suddenly feels so empty. :-)

Mom said...

I know it is disappointing to learn that you can't be BFFs but do try to hold it together.

We did our wedding out of order because we took the honeymoon first :)

Misc said...

Carmen Electra needs some serious therapy stat.

When Frank proposed he didn't have a ring - he wanted to wait until he had a better job (he was in sales at the time and I was in grad school part-time and working full-time). I'm glad he decided not to wait. We designed my ring together at a jeweler in Chicago. His hands were sweating when he paid for my ring.

We had a massive wedding and did not take a honeymoon since we married the week after mid-terms while I was still in grad school. We have yet to take that honeymoon and we've been married almost 12 years. Maybe someday... :-)