Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pick on Lizzie day

We went to FCC with Missy on Friday. C and Evan had a BLAST and C was pretty disappointed when we had to leave. Lizzie, on the other hand was about ready to go because she was sick of the rotten kids that were there. There was one girl who Lizzie was following around and the girl decided she didn't like it so on the stairs, she stopped and stiffened up, making Lizzie run into her and fall. I got Lizzie calmed down and sent her back on her way. A few minutes later, Lizzie came upon the girl and yelled at her for making her fall. The said "whatever" which caused Lizzie to pop off and hit her. I broke up the situation and convinced Lizzie to stay away from the girl. A little bit later, Lizzie was playing on the balance beam and the girl came over and started jumping on it, making it wobble. Lizzie started shrieking at her and I went and asked her to use her words and tell the girl "stop it, I don't like that" Well Lizzie did, but her way was more like "get in her face, ball my fists up and shake with suppressed rage, while snarling at her through gritted teeth and telling her to stop" The girl stopped, looked at me and then started jumping again. At that point, I told her to cut it out because she was just being annoying.

Later, Lizzie was looking through the "spotting scope" (which she thinks is a camera) on the pirate ship and some boy was trying to climb up the slide. Because of were the scope is, she was standing right at the top of the slide and he couldn't get past, so he tried to push her. She pushed back 2 or three times, until finally, she just stuck her foot out as he climbed and pushed him backward down the slide. He decided to yell at her and tell her "get outta my way, I'm bigger than you are and that makes me the boss of you" I promptly told him that simply wasn't the case. He is the boss of him and no one else and if he didn't like it, he should find something else to do.

When we did leave, we went to McDonald's to meet my friend K. M just loves Lizzie and he follows her around saying "Z, Z, Z" I don't think she was impressed and she yelled at him. Didn't phase him though, he just following her and smiling. Sounds like a perfect husband in the making LOL Poor baby S smacked her mouth and started bleeding, right before they left. Hopefully her teeth come in soon and she can be happy baby once again.

That is all. We are going to work in our playgroup's garden today but I have to get off of here and get some shorts on so we can leave


quigs78 said...

Although L was giving M kisses on the cheek by the time we left, so I think she secretly enjoys being followed around. So coy!

Mom said...

Playing hard to get and all that LOL

Misc said...

What was up with that girl? I wonder if she's always that rotten or felt since it was her birthday she could be snotty. Whatever. Where was her mom? That girl's plenty old enough to know not to pick on little ones.

Lizzie does a good job of sticking up for herself. I think because she's so tall, other kids think she's older. Do you think that as well?