Saturday, May 10, 2008

Good times

Yesterday we went to McD's with Quigs and Looseyfur and let the kids run wild. Quigs has been in a funk and avoiding people and Looseyfur has been house bound with a sicky and the both needed some time out. Plus, when I suggested McD's for dinner Lizzie begged for Quigs to go. LOL

Today, C had his first 4-H meeting. It wasn't exactly how I remember 4-H being but we shall see once he really gets going in it. He picked Bicycles as his project so now he needs to do a poster about either bicycle maitenence or safety. We haven't talked about it specifically yet but we will see what he wants later.

Then, we had my grandma, great grandma, aunt, uncle and cousin over for a Mother's Day cookout. We had roast pork loin that was super tasty! My cousin (who is 15 or 16) spent most of the afternoon hanging out and playing with Lizzie. She thought that was the coolest thing ever and kept talking about how he was her best friend.

Then, we had the playgroup over for S'mores. I was FREAKED that it was going to rain because it was getting super dark and the radar showed rain all over the area. It held off though and everyone had a super time. The kids ran around and played in the yard and the drive. Thanks to the dads who hung out in the drive shooting hoops with the kids. Evan even made a friend tonight. He hung with Quigs' husband and talked video games and then invited him to his game night, which is seriously nerd central LOL

I put the kids in bed and they were asleep before I was out of the shower because they were super tired. Now, I'm planning to put the cloths in the dryer, finish watching One Tree Hill and go to bed myself.

Tomorrow, I get my awesome mother's day gifts, then we are going to breakfast with my cousin from MN. We are going to be up there in 3 weeks but she came down to visit some of her (she actualy isn't my cousin, she married my cousin but close enough) family that lives down here and called us to get together tomorrow.

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Quigs78 said...

Can I just tell you that N has already looked up the rules of the little game and is figuring out which guys he wants to buy? He's not one to show too much emotion, but this means he's excited. :)

We had an awesome time tonight - thank you SO much!