Friday, May 16, 2008

Birthday skates

Lizzie showing off her new birthday skates


Quigs78 said...

Hey Freak! ;) I LOVE MT's dress! She looks adorable. And you know I love that picture of TB and MT. I can't wait until that's Bub and PG.

I lol'd at your comment on looseyfur's thread. Now I feel the pressure to make sure I update it every day. (But JSYK, I probably won't update it tomorrow since I'll be at my sister's. I'm feeling like I'm letting you down.) :)

abyss said...

Your letting all of us down with no updates, I mean Ive got 8 hours of sitting on a bus with NOTHING to do but read others blogs, and you are going to take that away from me. What a total rimshot!!!