Monday, April 7, 2008

Positive Thinking

The pluses from my life right now.

The biggest and most important, I am FINALLY not sick. Even part of the weekend, I still felt a little blah but yesterday and today, I feel so much better.

Although not the healthy way to do it, I lost 5lbs while I was sick so I now I just need to manage to keep it off, instead of letting it creep back up.

My kitchen is clean, my living room is swept and mopped and reasonably straightened up (although it is still light years from clean because it the room where we do EVERYTHING so it is never truely clean) and the laundry is put away!

I have had my MP3 player for nearly a year. It is a Sandisk Sansa m250 it is 2 gigs but I really like it. The only thing I couldn't do on it was set up playlists. I FINALLY figured it out last night. I was able to set up a "workout" playlist that has fast, upbeat songs on it. Because, while "Love of a Lifetime" is a nice songs, it doesn't do much for the pace of my workout. Scrolling through 200+ songs to find the 10 or 12 that are good for working out to is a pain. Now, I'm going to set up the kids playlist (see the next post for a few songs that will go on there LOL)

I'm making tea right now because we were out of one and almost out of the other (we keep 2 jugs of tea in the fridge most of the time so one can be nice and cold before we drink it and we really drink quite a lot of tea)

I finally got my new roller skates ordered that are going to be my b-day present.

I opened my ING car down payment savings account and I actually had money to put in it.

And finally, the weather is freaking FANTASTIC!! We are supposed to get some rain over the next couple of days, but it is April. It should rain in April.

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